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Friday, April 12, 2024

Will Shahrukh Khan meet this cancer patient?

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The dashing king of Bollywood, Shahrukh Khan continues to be the heartthrob of billions. Like many others across the globe, Aruna PK is also heads over heels for the great Khan. But the lady’s craze for the 52-year old Khan has turned into a wish. Suffering from acute cancer, Aruna says that her last wish is to meet Shahrukh.

Aruna, a gutsy and chirpy woman took to Twitter to express her strong desire to meet Khan. “No love is greater than the love for SRK. If I would meet him I’ll be just fine,” Aruna tweeted. Her cheerfully positive photo on her hospital bed has gone viral. The perks of the internet, among other things, have a human element attached to them. The ever-increasing Twitterati of India has taken her wish to heart. It has started a campaign to ensure that Shahrukh Khan meets his biggest fan before it is too late. A spree of tweets, pictures, and earnest requests was made under the Hashtag “#SRKMeetsAruna”. Glaringly, a sketch of Aruna and Shahrukh has gone viral on social media.

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So will Khan fulfill Aruna’s greatest wish? Will he emulate the human in him which made him do some blockbuster films where he did others a world of good? For Aruna, it is a matter of happiness; hopefully, Khan will meet her.