Woman brutally tortured for refusing marriage proposal

The victim alleged that the accused tortured her and her brother and abused her in different ways and even compelled her to lick their shoes.

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Faisalabad, a young medical student was brutally tortured for refusing the marriage proposal of a mill owner. Police have arrested six people accused of kidnapping the young woman and her brother and subjecting them to torture.

According to the details, the victim alleged in the police report that her childhood friend’s father Malik Sheikh Danish Ali – who is a mill owner in Faisalabad – started taking interest in her and even formally sent a proposal which she rejected.

However, she refused the marriage proposal and faced a lot of pressure from Danish Ali and his daughter. She alleged that the accused even began to send her death threats, after which she cut ties with her friend’s family.

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Later, when she was home with her brother, accused Sheikh Danish Ali and his daughter, along with some men, barged into the victim’s home and started torturing her and her brother at gunpoint. They entered her bedroom and took an expensive mobile phone, Rs500,000 cash, and two bangles worth Rs450,000. They then kidnapped the brother and sister and took them to their residence.

Video of torture goes viral 

The victim alleged that the accused tortured her and her brother and abused her in different ways and even compelled her to lick their shoes. She also alleged that Sheikh Danish Ali tried to rape her. Later, Sheikh Danish Ali’s daughter made a video of the victim, cutting her hair with scissors on the instruction of the accused Sheikh Danish and made the video viral on social media.

The harrowing video is making the rounds on social media, showing the victim being beaten by the accused and having her hair cut. Her eyebrows were also shaved off. The video is garnering social media attention as netizens urge authorities to take strict action against the perpetrators.

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On the other hand, Sheikh Danish Ali has claimed that he didn’t know the girl, and that he and his family were being blackmailed.

In this incident, a case was filed against 16 people. According to the FIR, 6 named and 10 unidentified accused are involved in the case. Media reports claim Police have arrested Sheikh Danish, his daughter Ana Ali and all other accused and further investigation is in progress.

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