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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Woman commits suicide after her ‘indecent’ pictures go viral

The pictures were uploaded to social media and sent to the victim's neighbors and relatives on WhatsApp.

In harrowing news, a mother of four children in Okara reportedly committed suicide after her ‘obscene’ pictures went viral on social media. The images were allegedly shared by her relatives.

According to the details, the suspects, who were allegedly close relatives of the victim, had edited her pictures, showing her face over a naked body. Later, those pictures were uploaded to social media and sent to her neighbors and relatives on WhatsApp. Moreover, before sharing the images, the accused also allegedly assaulted the victim’s seven-year-old daughter physically and fractured her arms.

The victim complained to the cybercrime wing of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), naming all the suspects. Pertinent to mention that the elders of the family on both sides tried to resolve the matter instead of reporting it to police and ordered the attackers to pay for the child’s treatment as compensation.

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However, the suspects violated the agreement and delayed the payment of compensation money. Furthermore, the action taken against the culprits by the authorities was delayed despite the victim’s multiple requests. As a result, she took her own life by taking poison.

On the other hand, the police have arrested one accused in the case, while the case has been registered against four suspects. Raids were underway to arrest the rest of the suspects in the suicide case.

Suicide in Pakistan 

Pertinent to mention that “honor” for a woman in Pakistan is very fragile. Women are coerced and intimidated by threats to their honor, for instance, rape, and leaking of “indecent” images.

Delayed action by the authorities often exacerbates the situation, leaving most women with no choice but suicide. Last month, a victim of gang rape allegedly committed suicide in village Mehran Soomro within the limits of Kaloi Town of Tharparkar.

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The suicide rate in Pakistan has alarmingly crossed eight percent while one out of 200 people attempting suicide dies, according to the World Health Organization’s country report.