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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Woman Gravely Injured by Husband & Brother in Law Upon Refusal to Make Tea

A woman was abused and beaten by her husband, brother in law and his son for her refusal to prepare tea in Mian Channu. She filed her FIR on Monday, and the husband and nephew have been arrested, while search for the brother in law continues.

A woman in Mian Channu, on Monday, filed a first information report (FIR) against her husband, brother in law and his son, for torturing her upon her refusal to make tea.

In the FIR, lodged at the Mian Channu Saddar police station, the victim stated that she was at her home on Sunday, when her brother in law and his son came, holding axes, and alleging that she had refused to make tea for them.

Abused for Refusal to Make Tea

The victim stated that her brother-in-law attacked her with an axe, injuring the right side of her nose. Moreover, his son struck her hand with the axe he was holding. As per the testimony of the victim, her brother in law dragged her from the hair, and instead of coming to her rescue, her husband also began beating her.

The FIR stated that upon hearing her screams, others in the area came inside the house. The woman was taken to a hospital for treatment for her grave injuries.

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A case has been filed against the culprits under Section 354 of the Pakistan Penal Code which outlines the assault or criminal force to a woman with an intent to outrage her modesty.

Station House Officer (SHO) Malik Tayyab Sarfaraz said that as per the directions issued by the Khanewal District Police Officer (DPO), Umer Saeed Malik, an investigation has been opened and the authorities have arrested two of the primary suspects, the woman’s husband, and nephew.

DPO Malik said that teams have been set up to find the third suspect, the victim’s brother in law, who will be arrested soon.

Domestic Violence in Pakistan

A report published by German broadcaster, Deutsche Welle, revealed that Pakistan ranks sixth on the list of the world’s most dangerous countries for women. Domestic violence has been on the rise, and the statistics paint a horrifying picture of abuse and violence targeting women.


White Ribbon Pakistan, an NGO dedicated to women’s rights, revealed that between 2004 and 2016, 4,734 cases of sexual violence have been filed by female victims. Moreover, more than 15000 cases of honor crimes have been recorded, alongside 1800 cases of domestic violence, and more than 5,500 cases of women kidnappings have also been recorded during this period.

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Media reports reveal that between January 2011 and June 2017, more than 51,241 cases of violence against women have come forward, however, the conviction rates remain disappointingly low. Only 2.5% of the culprits in all the recorded cases have been convicted by courts.


Recently, the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Asif Saeed Khosa, announced the decision to established 1000 courts that will solely deal with the cases of violence against women.