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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Woman gunned down the killer of her son after seven years

Social media turns out in favour of Parveen Akhtar, a disgruntled woman who avenges the death of her son after seven-year when she gunned down after he was exonerated from the High Court.

A disgruntled woman named, Parveen Akhtar, killed the murderer of her son who was exonerated by Lahore High Court. Nauman was shot dead by Parveen after he reached his village from jail.

Nauman along with seven other people had killed Parveen’s son, Tasleem 21, seven years ago. The Sialkot Session Court had sentenced Nauman and other killers to death but the High Court acquitted the accused on April 21, 2019. Nauman challenged his death sentence in Lahore High Court. The Police are in search of the other four accomplices in Nauman’s murder.

Parveen fled the scene after killing Nauman. Police had registered the case against Parveen Bibi, her son Azeem and other family members. News reports claim Police have arrested Parveen Bibi. However, some media reports claimed that Parveen Bibi surrendered to Police after killing Nauman.

Nauman had fled to Dubai immediately after his acquittal, he was killed upon reaching his village in Sialkot after flying back to Pakistan.

The reports state that conflict was a family feud in which Tasleem lost his life. Moreover, two murder cases were already registered on Nauman before he killed Tasleem.

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Social media turned in favor of Parveen Bibi and expressed anger on the Lahore High Court’s decision of acquitting the alleged murderers, stating that the incident is the prime example of ‘justice delayed is justice denied’.



Many social media users approved the woman’s act of killing her son’s murderer on social media and slammed the justice system which failed to give her justice even after an arduous wait of seven years.

They even demanded that Police must release Parveen Bibi since it was her right to get justice if the judiciary failed to do so.

Politician Irum Azeem Farooque also supported Parveen Bibi’s act, asserting that people will resort to acts of self-defense if the law is dysfunctional to provide them justice.