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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Woman jumps off bridge with three children in Karachi

The woman carried out the suicide attempt due to financial woes. According to local media, her husband is jobless.

A woman jumped off Native Jetty Bridge in the sea with her three children in an attempt to commit suicide in Karachi. The entire incident was captured on camera.

The woman and her three children were rescued by the people and the rescue team. The people sitting at the nearby food street rushed in to save the woman and her children as soon as they jumped off the bridge. The splash in the sea attracted the attention of the people.

The reason behind her suicide attempt is said to be the financial crisis. The husband of the woman is jobless as quoted by local media.

The economic crisis seems to have worsened in the country with inflation and price hike. Analysts believe the increase in petrol prices is mandatory to support the economy of Pakistan.

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PML-N govt. vows to provide relief

Meanwhile, Marriyum Aurangzeb, Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, announced on Thursday that the premier has rejected the recommendation by the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) to increase the price of petroleum products. She added that the incumbent government would not burden the people with the mistakes and the incompetence of the previous government.

This is the second time the Prime Minister has rejected recommendations from the regulatory authority. Before this, PM Sharif rejected the summary which OGRA had sent to the Finance Division. According to the proposal, the OGRA had suggested an increase of Rs. 83.50 per liter of petrol and Rs. 119.88 per liter of diesel (based on the federal government’s advised petroleum levy of Rs30 and 17% GST).

However, because of his visit to the International Monetary Fund, soon after the announcement, Miftah Ismail took to Twitter to announce that the government might have to revisit the decision and increase the prices of petroleum products. Nonetheless, the decision not to increase the prices was maintained.