Woman thrashes man with slippers for sexually harassing her

A viral video shows a man sexually harassing a woman, however, he did not go unnoticed as the woman confronted the man and beat him with her slippers.

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A woman thrashed a man with slippers for sexually harassing her in a viral video on social media. The video shows that the man groped her from behind when she stopped to open the door of her home. He ran immediately when she turned back to hit him.

The second part of the video showed that he was caught later by the men in the street. They caught and brought him to the lady. After which she thrashed the man with her slippers in the street. The alleged offender then went on his knees and apologized to the woman.

The video has been doing rounds on social media since Tuesday morning with netizens appreciating the woman for bravely tackling the situation instead of remaining silent. Social media users demanded strict actions against the man. While some argued that what triggered a man to grope and sexually harass her even when she was not wearing revealing clothes. The video shows the woman was wearing shalwar kameez and a big scarf to cover her.

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Netizens were furious that the woman, despite being dressed modestly, was harassed sexually in broad daylight in the street. Strong reactions came from female Twitter users. Again users dragged the recent comments of PM Imran Khan in the debate regarding the clothing of women and sexual crimes.

The male Twitter users cussed the man, who seems to be an employee at a fuel station, for harassing the woman.

Netizens called for the government to implement strict actions against sex offenders in society. Sexual offenders often are not afraid of punishment in case of being caught. Hence swift justice system along with harsh punishments are needed to deter habitual offenders.

A Bahawalnagar constable’s indecent behavior

Earlier in June, a constable in Bahawalnagar was badly trashed after people caught him filming a woman in the bathroom. A neighbor recorded his video filming a woman in the bathroom.

The recorded viral video showed the police constable sneaked his hand from the bathroom window as he looked around trying not to be caught. The residents soon caught him and assaulted him for his depraved act.

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Later, the cop claimed that he had suffered backbone injury meanwhile the residents urged the police team that reached later at the scene to check his film for the video as proof of his crime.

SP Investigation Bahawalnagar Farooq Ahmad Anwar while speaking to media said the police constable has been suspended and an FIR has been registered against him.

There are ample cases reported daily of sexual harassment against women and children. Constructive dialogue and discourse is needed to deter this behavior.


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