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Women politicians in Pakistan have to deal with severe sexual harassment: Reham Khan

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Reham Khan, the former wife of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan, has alleged that women politicians in Pakistan have to deal with sexual harassment. She said this while giving an interview to DW where she also alleged that sexual coercion is rampant in many political parties and female members are forced to give sexual favours in return of party positions.

“Many women have to give up their careers if they refuse to entertain such requests,” she claimed. Reham Khan is releasing her autobiography later this year but before the 2018 general elections. In her biography, she will also reveal details about her life with Imran Khan which, reportedly, has the potential to ruin his chances in the general elections.

She recommended that Pakistani government should form an independent harassment commission to probe into sexual harassment cases. “There should be a meritorious selection of party officials. In the UK, a candidate has to go through a rigorous and lengthy selection process. It is not decided by a party head or an influential person. The selection system in Pakistan’s political parties is just a farce,” Reham alleged.

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Speaking about journalism, Reham lamented that political parties are pouring a huge amount of money to buy mouth pieces (journalists) in the media. “There is hardly any space for hardworking and honest journalists in Pakistan. TV anchors are propagandists and spread lies about everyone and everything,” she revealed as a former anchor-person herself.

Reham had earlier revealed that she could not come to Pakistan for the fear of her life but in this interview she announced that she will be returning to Pakistan soon since it is her homeland. She expressed her desire to create opportunities for women and young leaders who lack exposure in this country.

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  1. this book seems to aim and target at the campaign of IK in general elections as it is suggested to be launched before Pakistan goes into elections in July this year………………….

    Hope public becomes more alert and sensitive then these name and fame hungry people, who become cronies for someone else…

  2. Who is she ? Ex wife of a-man of character IK ,loved and respected by millions of his followers and fans not only in Pakistan but all around the world .she was known as a weather girl of BBC and ex wife of a very respectable man now happily married to a very beautiful and highly educated lady .
    Let’s see if she has courage to tell harassment stories while she was weather girl and dancing around half naked ! Now look who is talking with Dopputta on her head !
    Spitting on moon 🌙 is getting same on your face .


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