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Mehwish Hayat calls out body-shamers; feels honored to share podium with legends

Pakistan A-list actress and recent recipient of "Tamgha-e-Imtiaz", Mehwish Hayat expresses her profound pride in receiving such a prestigious honor and to be sharing the same list with the legends who received it before her. Hayat sheds light on her life's experiences with acting in a foreign country's cinema, body shaming and difficult times in her career.


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Actress Mehwish Hayat has appeared in her latest interview with BBC Asian Network where she discussed her recent civil accolade, ethics and working in Bollywood. “For the past two years I have been very outspoken. I have realised that being an actress is not enough; I should use my voice for the causes I believe in.”

“It is all about being fearless, which I have always been with my roles, my careers, and my choices. Why not raise my voice against issues that I feel strongly for. That’s why I have been very vocal about things and I am glad people respect that and that they listen to me.”

Mehwish Hayat, recent recipient of the prestigious ‘Tamgha-e-Imtiaz’, says she feels excited and honored to share the list with the legends and heroes. “It feels great to be in the same name list of legends and heroes who have received it,”.

She also opened up about the hate and bullying she was subjected to afterwards. “Being a public figure I am used to trolling and criticism and it’s okay, everyone has their own opinions. However, questioning my character and credibility was crossing the line.

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“My contribution to Pakistani cinema and art were overlooked and it was assumed that I slept my way to the awards. That was crossing the line, I had to stand up and fight… No one can question my credibility and character, they don’t even know me.”

“As artists we deserve respect and acknowledgement, and mindsets are changing but we still need to work on that mentality. We generate money,  in 2017 our movies made around 2.5 billion rupees and in 2018 approximately 5 billion rupees, so it is a growing business we’re all contributing towards bringing a softer image of Pakistan to the world. All we ask is respect and acknowledgement,” she added.

The artist said that she has to wear glamorous and often western clothes since she is part of the industry that is all about glitz and glamour. “We belong to a very glamorous industry, it is all glitz and glamour and we have to show some skin, we have to wear western clothes, I had to dance in Billi because I am an actress and that’s a character I am playing.”

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“Being a part of this industry does not mean we have forsaken our morals… We as artists are very emotional and sensitive people and we haven’t forsaken our morals.” The actress stated, however, that she regrets endorsing things she does not believe in, such as a fairness cream brand.

“I was young, didn’t realize what these things meant, and just saw the glamour and beauty. As I matured I realised I should not endorse things I don’t believe in myself. I am not fair. I am wheatish and I love my complexion.

She added, “Body shaming is something I want to work on… We need to put an end to unrealistic beauty standards.” In a question about working with Bollywood, the actress said: It was a conscious decision that I want to stay here in my country and work for my Pakistani cinema.”

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