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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Working In Bollywood was a hard decision, says Meera

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Film actress, Irtiza Rubab, better known as Meera, revealed in her latest interview that it was not an easy decision for her to work in Bollywood. Meera said she confronted lots of criticism when she signed Mahesh Bhatt’s movie ‘Nazar’ in 2005.

She said, Mahesh Bhatt is a renowned producer and she could not refuse him when he approached her with an offer. Instead of Bollywood, she always wanted to work in Hollywood and Mahesh Bhatt’s offer could have been her ticket to achieving that. Moreover, she had financial responsibilities to her family and was offered a high pay so she agreed.

She recounted that it was a big hurdle for her to overcome, as working in Bollywood back in 2005 was a taboo. She said she did not confront any obstacle in India but faced a backlash from her colleagues in Pakistan.

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Meera, regarding her future plans, said that she has decided to do one film a year. Her last film was ‘Hotal’. She informed she is soon returning to the big screen with a Salma Iqbal film.  I will also be starting a morning show titled ‘Coffee with Meera.’

On a different note, the film actress advised women to avoid cosmetic surgeries and Botox for artificial beauty, promoting natural beauty. She said women should accept life the way it is since eventually, life will take a toll on all of us. To her, wrinkles are an expression and no sign of aging. She added that she will not look beautiful all the time but will look beautiful if she cares about herself naturally. When wrinkles come she will accept them gracefully.

“To me, wrinkles are a part of an expression and not a sign of aging. I want to ask all women – young and old – to accept life the way it comes. ”

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Meera, who is a fan of Leonardo Di Caprio, Salman Khan, Julia Roberts and in Pakistan, Humaima Malick, expressed the hardship she endured while making the decision to work in Bollywood while encouraging women to not let such movies change their idea of beauty.