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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

World’s Most Dangerous Landings at Some of The Toughest Airports

This video features some of the most dangerous landings ever. Ranging from extremely short runways to heavy crosswind landings, these landings show the true skill of some pilots.

0:00 – A plane approaches and lands on an extremely icy and uneven runway. This airport is more like someone’s home.

0:46 – A passenger airliner approaches with an extreme crosswind. The weather is very stormy and dark. As the plane comes to touchdown, the crosswinds push it off the runway and the aircraft becomes very close to smashing its wing off. Luckily the pilot gains control again and decide to abort the landing and try again.

1:36 – This may not look like a difficult landing so much, but for large aircraft it is tough with such a short runway. This particular time, the plane makes a fantastic landing.

2:32 – This shows a propeller plane landing at St. Barthélemy Airport (SBH) in the Caribbean. It is one of the most difficult airports to land at with such a short runway and difficult approach. The aircraft comes down at a very steep angle and has to pull the nose up quickly before touching down.

2:56 – This is at Lukla Airport (LUA) in Nepal. This cockpit view landing shows the true difficulty of this airport. It is amazing how fast the plane manages to slow down!

3:43 – Also at Lukla Airport (LUA) in Nepal. This clip shows more clearly the touchdown on the runway and how short it is.

4:03 – This landing is at Courchevel Altiport (CVF) in France. The cockpit view from the C172 light aircraft provides an insight into a very difficult landing on a short runway.

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