WWE stars to promote wrestling in Pakistan: Three matches scheduled

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The four international wrestlers have reached Pakistan to participate in a wrestling event scheduled in August. The three wrestling matches will be held in cities: Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad.

The game of wrestling is slightly different to the western version of the game and is referred to as ‘Kabaddi’ in the local language.

The international wrestlers include Haris Fiaz from France, Nicole Tanea Brooks from the USA, Andrew Harrison from the UK and Raymond Thomas Latimer from the UK. All the wrestlers have reached Pakistan to support the sport of wrestling in Pakistan, as stated by Inter-Services Public Relations.

The official statement of ISPR further read that the main purpose of the event is to encourage the game of wrestling in Pakistan and to motivate the international players to visit the country without any fear.

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The events have been organized in collaboration with the Ring of Pakistan. All the players visited the ISPR headquarters. The meeting held at the ISPR headquarters discussed the coordination plans for the event.

In Pakistan, the wrestling is a highly popular game and is especially liked in the rural areas of Pakistan. The game of wrestling is slightly different to the western version of the game and is referred to as ‘Kabaddi’ in the local language. The local events of ‘Kabaddi’ frequently take place in various cities of Punjab.

The international events happening in Pakistan is imperative to promote the sport in Pakistan. It will provide a much-needed exposure to Pakistani wrestlers necessary for them to represent Pakistan in the international matches in the future.

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The successful event of wrestling will be another achievement of ISPR and Pakistan Army in the revival of peace in the country. The Pakistan Army in the sidelines of the battlefield is proactively working for the rehabilitation of the country and areas adversely affected by terrorism.

Pakistan Army has been credited for the successful matches of Pakistan Super League in the country.


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