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Monday, November 27, 2023

Pakistan eagerly awaits President Xi’s visit: PM Imran

Prime Minister Imran Khan emphasized how the people of Pakistan were looking forward to President Xi's visit while appreciating Ambassador Yao Jing's efforts in Islamabad.

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday said the people of Pakistan were anxiously waiting to welcome President Xi Jinping and were looking forward to his visit to Pakistan, conveying to the Chinese leadership the warm regards of the country and its citizens, reported The Nation.

The Prime minister stated while talking to Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan, Yao Jing, during his farewell,  how Pakistan could learn from China’s fast-paced economic growth and development and appreciated the current leadership and its remarkable efforts that have made possible China’s socio-economic transformation.

PM Imran hails Ambassador Yao’s efforts to strengthen relations

PM Imran hailed the efforts of Ambassador Yao in strengthening Pak-China relations, and underlined how CPEC had entered its second phase will lead to socio-economic development and will promote prosperity in the region.

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Ambassador Yao was also grateful to PM Imran as he thanked him for his efforts in strengthening relations between the two nations and highlighted how the Chinese leaders at the highest level valued his contributions. He further added that the PM’s vision and leadership was integral in transforming Pakistan.

Ambassador Yao: great benefits as CPEC enters second phase

Ambassador Yao claimed that PM’s goal of alleviating poverty and aims of economic growth coupled with CPEC which had entered its second phase will result in great beenfits for the people of Pakistan.

Yao claimed that Pakistan’s unique policy of ‘smart lockdown’ was a model that could be followed around the globe to contain the COVID-19 pandemic and also lauded Pakistan’s success in controlling the virus spread.

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Ambassador Yao said that he will have fond memories of Pakistan and would love to see Pakistan-China relationship becoming even stronger in the future and highlighted that China would continue to support Pakistan in achieving its development aims and objectives. Ambassador Yao Jing has served in Islamabad from Oct 2017 to Sept 2020, this being his third assignment in Pakistan.

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