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Sunday, April 14, 2024

YDA goes on strike as CCTV footage shows scuffle between doctor and patients in Karachi

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A doctor of a state hospital here in the city allegedly assaulted a patient who had come in for treatment Tuesday night, Geo News reported, adding that it had obtained the closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage of the incident.

The doctor, who has been identified as Dr. Usman of the Jinnah Hospital, initially kicked the patient’s family out of the ward. However, as the patient’s relatives tried to register a complaint with a senior female medical professional, the doctor charged into the room again, accompanied by several unnamed men, who then beat the patient and his family once more.

Tanveer, one of the patient’s relatives, explained that he had taken his brother-in-law to the hospital so that he could medical attention for some hand-related injury. Upon reaching the facility, the doctor first humiliated the family, and then kicked them out of the ward.

When the family tried to complain to the senior medical professional, Tanveer noted that the doctor who initially assaulted them came in along with seven other men and beat them both.

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Police said a case was registered against Usman, who works in the orthopedic ward, as well as six other men. Medics associated with the Young Doctors Association boycotted out-patient clinics at Jinnah hospital. The doctors refused to work in protest against the registration of an FIR against Dr. Usman, according to YDA chairman Omer Sultan.

Doctors claimed that the complainant was an ‘influential person’ linked to Chief Minister House. The YDA doctors staged a protest in the hospital, demanding the case be withdrawn. “In the light of a Supreme Court order, an FIR can’t be lodged against a duty doctor,” Sultan said in a statement.

The doctors had other demands: implementation of a service structure, allowances, regular instead of contract jobs for PPHI doctors and 450 contract doctors of 2014 and recruitment of 300 doctors who passed the Sindh Public Service Commission test in 2016.