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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

You can be a Vegetarian and be Super Fit: Virat Kohli is proof

Documentary The Game Changer will be an eye-opener for several athletes who religiously follow the myth of consuming high levels of meat to build strength. The documentary offers an alternate insight into a vegetarian diet and its merits for athletes aspiring to be fit and improve performance. Virat Kohli and wife Anushka Sharma is already in awe of the documentary.

Indian skipper Virat Kohli is all praise of the forthcoming Netflix documentary ‘Game Changer’ focusing on the optimal dietary intake for sportsmen and athletes to maintain fitness.

The documentary argues against the widely-held notion that animal meat is essential for athletes to maintain a high level of proteins in the body. It claims that athletes on the vegetarian diet are recorded to have a higher protein level than athletes relying heavily on meat for proteins. The documentary maintains that a plant-based diet boosts the performance of athletes.

Fans were delighted as Virat Kohli echoed his wife Anushka Sharma’s opinion on a vegetarian diet. On Tuesday, Virat Kohli shared the trailer of the documentary just a few hours after Anushka Sharma shared the trailer of the documentary.

“Saw game-changers on Netflix. Being a vegetarian athlete has made me realize what I have believed all these years regarding diet was a myth. What an amazing documentary and yes I’ve never felt better in my life after I turned vegetarian,” Kohli captioned the video.

Earlier, actress Anushka Sharma tweeted: “Since I turned vegetarian, the question I’m asked the most is ‘Where do you get your protein from?’. The film, The Game Changers on Netflix is my answer to all those questions forever.”

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Sharing the trailer of the Netflix documentary, Anushka added: “But seriously, I just watched this film and it’s an eye-opener… helps you a great deal related to understanding fitness and beyond.”

Back in 2013, skipper Virat Kohli was fond of chicken, which he admitted several times on media. Before 2013, he never gave importance to his fitness and consequently put on weight and lacked stamina. Following 2013, he intentionally diverted his focus on his fitness, diet, and training. Now, he is very punctual about his diet, which has given him a different character on and off-field.

Even Pakistani athletes, particularly cricketers should mull bringing these changes in their diet. As most of the Pakistani cricketers are criticized for consuming excessive meat and oily food, resulting in poor fitness, health and low stamina in matches. Pakistani cricketers lag in the department of fielding, perhaps moving towards a vegetarian diet may help Pakistani cricketers address the fitness and stamina problems.

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About The Game Changer

Available on Netfix, The Game Changer is described by the OTT platform as “a quest to find the optimal diet for human performance and health”. In a documentary a UFC fighter meets top scientists and researchers to discover the best diet for the athletes. The documentary stars Hollywood superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger, athlete Lewis Hamilton and mixed martial artists James Wilks.

Others who feature in Netflix The Game Changers are Patrik Baboumian, Scott Jurek, Nimai Delgado, Morgan Mitchell, Rip Esselstyn, Dotsie Bausch, Damien Mander, Michael Thomas, Dr. Dean Ornish and David Goldman. Celebs from the world of entertainment and sports like Jackie Chan and Novak Djokovic are credited as executive producers of The Game Changers. It busts myth about protein, meat, and strength. The documentary claims that a plant-based diet will restore the flora and fauna of the planet earth.