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Monday, July 15, 2024

You Lived & You Died: Princess Haya’s ‘inappropriate relations’ with bodyguard

UAE's Sheikh wife Princess Haya fled to London with her kids and reports are pouring in of her alleged affair with Sheikh's bodyguard. Sheikh had caught them redhanded and was not happy with her closeness.

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Dubai ruler Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid al-Makhtoum suspected his estranged wife, Princess Haya, of having intimate relations with her British bodyguard.

According to reports, Dubai ruler’s suspicion confirmed when he found the two together on his surprise visit to their £85million mansion in the UK. Sheikh unexpectedly returned to the mansion after attending the wedding of his three sons in Dubai in May.

Dubai ruler was shocked to see his 45-year-old wife with the bodyguard in the mansion and demanded her to return with him immediately.

‘The Sheikh came back to the house unannounced and found his wife with the bodyguard. His suspicions were confirmed, ‘ a family source told an international news outlet.

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‘Having left for his sons’ wedding he was not expected to be back so early.

‘He did not tell the staff he would be coming back and arrived unannounced at the house where he found his wife and the bodyguard. They were too close for his liking.’

The senior royal family members were critical of closeness between Princess Haya and the bodyguard and often objected her giving lavish gifts to him.

Sheikh returned to Dubai while his wife and their two kids remained in the UK. The couple is set for the most expensive divorce later this month.

Princess Haya, the sixth wife of Dubai has hired Fiona Shackleton who handled the divorce case of Princess Diana. The two will fight for the custody of their children.

The bodyguard worked for the UK Mission Enterprise and provided round the clock security to the royal family, he is unlikely to ever return to Dubai.

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The company is mostly comprised of ex British army officers and is owned by the Dubai Government.

Earlier, it was reported that Princess Haya fled her luxurious life in the royal palace after months of planning her escape – because of what she learned about another member of the Dubai royals who tried to flee.