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Monday, July 15, 2024

Zaid Ali condemns trolls commenting on his wife’s look

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Pakistani-Canadian comedian and vlogger Zaid Ali T chastised his followers on Twitter after a comment appeared that mocked his wife for her looks.

The couple is currently on their first tour of Pakistan after their wedding. Zaid shared a picture of them at Badshahi Mosque, Lahore on Twitter.

The caption of the picture read, “First time together in Pakistan’.

While many of his followers gave them a warm welcome, few passed mischievous remarks on his wife Yumna’s look.

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Zaid Ali once again defended her and took to task the trolls. In his befitting reply, he said: “Read a comment today on my photo which said ‘Your wife is ugly because of her dark skin’. It’s so upsetting how most Pakistanis can’t even embrace their own skin colour”.  

People again appreciated him for his instant response to trolls on Twitter.

Zaid Ali was appreciated for fearlessly defending his wife when he shared their wedding pictures.

The couple is mocked repeatedly for Yumna’s look since the first time Zaid posted pictures of them after their Nikkah. However, many admire him for exquisitely expressing his fondness for his wife publicly.

Zaid Ali is setting goals for being the perfect South Asian husband by being so supportive. 

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The couple tied the knot last year in July and since then have been sharing their pictures occasionally with their fans.