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Friday, May 24, 2024

Zaka Ashraf strongly rejects hybrid model given by Najam Sethi

Rejecting the hybrid model, Ashraf emphasized the importance of hosting the entire event in Pakistan as the country's rightful position as the host.

New Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman position, Zaka Ashraf, strongly rejects the Hybrid model presented by the previous PCB Chairman Najam Sethi for Asia Cup.

Ashraf firmly believes this model does not serve Pakistan’s best interests and voiced his concerns during a media address in Islamabad. Rejecting the hybrid model, Ashraf emphasized the importance of hosting the entire event in Pakistan as the country’s rightful position as the host.

He stated that holding the main matches outside of Pakistan is an unfair approach and does not align with the best interests of the nation.

Once assuming the role of PCB chairman, Ashraf pledged to thoroughly review all available information regarding the Asia Cup and make a swift decision that serves the country’s interests. While acknowledging his lack of access to previous management decisions, Ashraf committed to gathering the necessary details and making a suitable decision promptly.

PCB management under Najam Sethi had presented the hybrid model for Asia Cup to solve the crisis rose after India refused to travel to Pakistan for the tournament. After a hard effort, Asian Cricket Council had finally conceded to the hybrid model presented by PCB. As per the model, PCB is to host first four matches in Pakistan.

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Afterward, the event will transition to Sri Lanka for nine matches, including the final. The Asia Cup is slated to take place from August 31 to September 17, and Ashraf’s stance on the hybrid model adds an interesting dynamic to the upcoming tournament’s planning and organization.

Pakistan had shared the hybrid model in March earlier this year. “The PCB is very clear on the Asia Cup. It is Pakistan’s right to host the cup and if any attempts are made to take the event away, Pakistan will not take part in any such exercise. However, to safeguard the interest of the competition and participating countries, the PCB has proposed a hybrid model in which some India matches are scheduled offshore,” a source told media.