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Friday, June 7, 2024

5 most exciting designers & models at New York Fashion Week 2022

New York Fashion Week officially started on September 9, 2022, and It was ended on September 14, 2022, with some great memories of big celebrities such as Gigi & Bella, Tom Ford, Rania Younis, Anjali Phougat Lil Nas X, Kate Spade, Marissa Wilson, Brandon Maxwell, and many others. Let's talk about celebrities' top 5 best designers in New York Fashion Week 2022.

For fashion insiders, New York Fashion Week is much more than a series of runway shows for it’s a week-long celebration of high style. While the days are packed with events, the evening hours are when the real party starts. Fashion Week nightlife is a completely different world, with its own dress code and set of rules. From exclusive soirées to late-night dance parties, there’s always something happening in the city during Fashion Week. Whether you’re a working model or just a spectator, you’ll want to dress to impress when venturing out into the nightlife scene.

New York City never sleeps during Fashion Week, and there’s always something exciting happening around every corner. If you’re looking for a wild and glamorous night out, then you need to experience New York Fashion Week nightlife. New York Fashion Week officially started on September 9, 2022, and It was ended on September 14, 2022, with some great memories of big celebrities such as Gigi & Bella, Tom Ford, Rania Younis, Lil Nas X, Kate Spade, Marissa Wilson, Brandon Maxwell, and many others. Let’s talk about celebrities’ top 5 best designers in New York Fashion Week 2022.

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Rania Younis

As the lights dimmed and the music began to play, the runway was suddenly alive with the sound of clicking heels and laughter. The audience eagerly watched as one model after another made their way down the runway, each one more daring than the last. When Rania entered the space, the audience erupted into applause. She had many models wearing her designs. Designer, Makeup artist, and Model Rania Younis’s appearance during the New York Fashion Week made their fan crazy.

She came to the event with her own brand Shop The Runway. Rania’s designs in the collection are perfect for any formal occasion, from weddings to galas to red carpet events. Rania’s pictures and work were featured by the ‘Vouge Online’ during the event. She was seen with the American content creator and model Cemo Basin. There were bright colors, bold patterns, and even a few pieces that defied gravity altogether. There was a feeling of anticipation in the air as everyone waited to see who would be crowned the king or queen of New York Fashion Week.

Her designs are always on point and she knows how to capture the audience’s attention. Rania is a true fashion visionary and her designs always reflect that. She’s always pushing the boundaries and redefining fashion. Her collections are always highly anticipated and her shows are always packed with celebrities and fashion insiders. Rania is a true talent and she’s always at the forefront of the fashion industry. She’s a designer that everyone should watch out for. Her show was lit thanks to her white black spotted dress. It was a moment of the show that everyone remembers.

Anjali Phougat

Anjali Phougat is a world record holder, fashion designer, and entrepreneur. She specializes in wedding styling and customization of jewelry and outfits. Her work with celebrities and contributions to the fashion world has gained her national attention. She has showcased her work at New York Fashion Week and the Cannes film festival. She is the founder of Designer Dream Collection, a luxury brand in the fashion industry. Anjali Phougat’s work with celebrities has made her one of the most sought-after wardrobes and celebrity stylists in the country. Several celebrities have been spotted wearing her designs, including Miss Universe Harnaaz Kaur Sandhu.

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Harnaaz loves Anjali’s dresses and jewelry and has been seen wearing them on several occasions during her world tour. Anjali’s designs have also been featured in magazines and international news outlets. Her designs are feminine and stylish, and perfect for women of all ages. Anjali’s passion for fashion shines through in her creations, and her unique style is sure to captivate audiences around the world.

Tom Ford

If there’s one designer who can always be counted on to provide a bit of glamour and glitz, it’s Tom Ford. His New York Fashion Week show was no exception, with a front row packed full of celebrities and a runway adorned with disco cowgirls and sequins. Glitz, glamour, and sequins were all on display at Tom Ford’s New York Fashion Week show. With Madonna in attendance and a runway full of big hair and bedazzled clothes, the designer didn’t disappoint when it came to delivering a memorable fashion show.

Packing the room with celebs—Madonna, Chris Rock, and Ciara, among them—Ford sent out a collection with Hollywood Boulevard and Elvis-in-Las-Vegas vibes, heavy on the pastel lamé, Nudie Suit-style embroideries, and black lingerie lace. The designer has been tight-lipped about his plans for the future, but if tonight’s collection is any indication, he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The designer is known for his glamorous aesthetic, and his collections are often filled with sheer fabrics and plunging necklines. In the past, Ford has collaborated with brands like Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent.

Lil Nas X

When Lil Nas X stepped onto the stage at the 2022 New York Fashion Week, the audience couldn’t help but take notice of his flashy outfit. It’s not every day that a hip-hop superstar closes a high-profile fashion show, but that’s exactly what happened when rapper Nas closed out Coach’s Spring/Summer 2023 show at New York Fashion Week on Monday.

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Lil Nas X’s runway appearance at Coach to Among the standout shows was Tommy Hilfiger’s collaboration with British designer Richard Quinn, which featured eclectic prints and bold colors. For his debut runway show, Lil Nas X collaborated with Coach on a mix of streetwear and collegiate styles. The collection featured oversized jackets, high tops, sweaters, and mini skirts. Jelly sandals also made a comeback, two decades after they were first popular. The show was well-received by the audience and the fashion press.

Carolina Herrera

A fresh breeze from the Hudson River drifts through the open windows of the Carolina Herrera showroom on a warm September morning in New York City. Models in flowing white gowns and billowing skirts dance and twirl around the room, spinning to the upbeat Barbra Streisand tunes playing on the sound system. The designer, Carolina Herrera, watches from a discreet distance with a satisfied smile on her face. As the curtains opened and models began to walk the runway, it was clear that this show would be different than any other.

Carolina Herrera presented a collection that was inspired by nature and the beauty of the outdoors. The designs were feminine, modern, and striking, with pieces that could be worn by women of any age. There were pieces for every season and every decade, proving that the Carolina Herrera brand is timeless. This was easily one of the most beautiful shows at New York Fashion Week, and it was clear that Carolina Herrera is still one of the most talented designers working today. Her collections are always inspired by nature, and yet they never feel dated or cliché.


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