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Saturday, February 17, 2024

‘7 Din Mohabbat In’ set to be the biggest hit of the year

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Saat Din Mohabbat In is arguably the biggest Pakistani film releasing this Eid. The romcom is chockfull of some of the biggest name in Pakistani entertainment from Mahira Khan and Shehreyar Munawar to Javaid Sheikh and Hina Dilpazeer. And while it is no surprise that the cast is proud of their work, there is something about the film that its three main female characters had a problem with: the film’s name.

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Speaking with Gulf News tabloid! the ladies of Saat Din Mohabbat In talked about their upcoming film, their experience of working in a comedy, the setting of the movie and how they weren’t satisfied with the film’s name.

Mira Sethi thought the name couldn’t be better and couldn’t change her initial dislike for the title. Shehryar Munawwar wasn’t a fan either but had faith in the marketting department and so he let them do their job.  Amna Ilyas wasn’t a fan of it either and was even worried that it could be criticized but later softened and found the title sweet. Mahira Khan for her part wasn’t a big fan too. In fact she and a lot of people working on the film fought to get the title changed for some time.

She revealed “We were, like, “Hum dharna daal dein ge!”(we will stage a protest). In the beginning, whenever I got asked about the film, I’d say, “Oh, it’s still untitled!”

Mahira Khan even came up with another potential title for the film:

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OK, so, at one point while we were doing a scene, there’s a very funny dialogue that a character in the film says, “Main ne kaha tha, bhabi chalu hai!” [I told you, the sister-in-law was a sly one]. It instantly hit me as a potential title for our film — ‘Bhabi Chalu Hai’!

Regardless of whether the cast liked the name or not, the Pakistani audiences certainly seemed to enjoy Saat Din Mohabbat In. The movie beat out Hollywood heavyweights like Infinity War and Oceans 8 to be the Number 1 film this Eid. Earning a massive Rs 50 million in just two weeks, the film has become the highest grossing Pakistani film this year. This placed it in front of the other films like Azaadi (which earned 41 million rupees) and Wajood (which earned a decent 18 million rupees).

So despite the cast not liking the name, Pakistani’s certainly did and Saat Din Mohabbat In is proving to be one of the biggest hits of the year.