A Beginner’s Guide To Camping



Be it a family camping getaway or a solo trip away from civilisation, you’ve come to the right place. If you have menial experience camping in the outdoors, we’re here to provide you with information on what things you should prepare for your next camping trip. The Expert Camper offers a wide variety of camping equipment and you’ll be able to find everything on this list at their site. So, do make sure to check them out after you’ve finished reading this article!


Beginners’ must-have camping gear


  1. Tent


Your tent is going to be your abode in the wilderness, which means it will be there in dry or wet weather. Think about how it can withstand harsh weather conditions and the size of your tent which serves the most comfort for your camping experience. 3-season tents are a good choice, and you can choose the size of the tent too. If your tent doesn’t have a footprint, you can use tarps to protect your tent from the forest floors.


Always make sure your stakes are of high quality and have enough strength to hold the tent. Bringing a mallet (a rubber one, that is) will help tons when you need to secure your tent and the corners of your tarp.


  1. Sleeping bags & pads


You might worry about whether you can fall asleep especially when it’s your first time camping. The solution is simple: get an air mattress or sleeping pad and you’ll be knocked out the whole night. An alternative that works just as well is a good ol’ sleeping bag. You can choose between a down or synthetic fill and be sure to refer to the temperature ratings to check if it can withstand harsh weather conditions. 


  1. Camping pillow


Pillows in camping are considered a luxury, but it’s great to have. Inflatable pillows are an option, but you can always bring along your personal pillow at home.


  1. Bath towel


Showers are not difficult to find nowadays in many campsites, but when dry camping, invest in a good towel with microfibers. Not only are they easy to pack, but they can also dry very fast when you hang them up in the sun.


  1. Toilet paper

Don’t forget toilet paper! You’ll never know when that extra roll of toilet paper comes in handy. Bring along a pouch with all your essentials too, such as personal medication, toothpaste, a toothbrush, a comb, shampoo and soap and not to forget any feminine products if needed.

  1. Sunblock & bug spray

You’ll most likely have exposure to sunlight the whole time, so you should be wearing sunscreen. Some seasons or locations might call for a need for bug spray too.

  1. First aid

Basic first aid should be brought along, just in case there are any minor injuries. Bandages and medical gauze should be packed, along with other first aid tools like tweezers and basic medication too!

  1. Flashlight & lamp

It’s good to have a couple of options for lighting. Headlamps and torch lights are necessary for searching in the dark especially when you’re in the tent, or heading to the bathroom at night. Invest in a lantern that is rechargeable like an inflatable lantern that runs on solar power so you can illuminate the campsite at night.

  1. Camp Furniture

Foldable chairs and tables are also another necessity for outdoor camping. Although some campsites do have tables, they may not be ideal for a campfire. Having portable furniture is very convenient for the best camping experience. 

  1. Don’t dress to impress, dress for the climate

Avoid cotton, as synthetics or even wool insulates way better and doesn’t hold moisture as cotton does. Thermal clothing can help keep you warm on colder nights. It would help to have a separate pile of sleeping clothes so that the sleeping bag is kept clean. Bringing a down jacket can keep you warm. Ensure that your clothing is easy to layer, that way it will be much less of a hassle when you’re packing.

While this blog post is supposed to help you pack for a beginner level camping trip, you will probably enjoy a hiking trail in the day. You can always bring along clothes for hiking, which would typically consist of pants that are loosely fitted, some activewear, a jacket (make sure it’s waterproof) and some shoes or boots meant for hiking. Be warned that your clothes will get a bit dirty. But fret not, with a car, space will not be an issue so bring sufficient clothes for your utmost comfort despite any weather issues.

  1. Packing for your mealtimes

Plan your mealtimes and the food you’re going to have beforehand so that you don’t have to improvise with the ingredients that you’ve packed. While you can still make the most out of your food, having the basic food prep down is crucial for a quick and easy process. This makes clean up simpler too.

Have a simple meal plan that you can follow before you head to the grocery store to buy your ingredients. Prep whatever you can before going for the trip, such as chopping and dicing. You can even opt for canned food if you want to make things easier for yourself.

Remember to bring sufficient water so that you have enough to drink, and do other things like cooking and washing up. Campsites normally have a water supply from a water cooler or a water tap.

Cooking with a portable stove is extremely practical when you’re camping outdoors. There are stoves specifically meant for backpackers too. Don’t forget the propane, and make sure it’s enough for your whole trip. Check that the propane attachment works for the type of stove you’re bringing along.

For the caffeine lovers out there, a stove kettle can do the trick. Alternatively, you can consider french presses or a pour-over coffee maker. 

Additionally, remember to bring cutlery and dishes. A set for each pax should be enough, with a couple of extras for sharing dishes. Bring a sharp and clean knife for when you’re cooking. For cleaning up, you might want to have two tubs: one for washing and another for rinsing clean. 



Camping may sound daunting when you have a lot to pack and so much research to do. With this list of essentials, we hope we’ve lightened the load a little for you! Always be considerate and dispose of your trash when you’re done! Let’s do our part to keep the campsite clean and beautiful. 




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