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Sunday, May 19, 2024

A female student kidnapped, friend left injured in a horrific incident in DHA Karachi

Even after 46 hours of the abduction of the girl, Police is clueless on the whereabouts of the girl while social media heavily weighed on in the mysterious kidnapping case; churning up a multitude of controversies.

A mysterious case of the kidnapping of a 20-year-old student Dua Mangi from Karachi’s upscale DHA has shaken the citizens. Dua was kidnapped from DHA Karachi late Saturday night and her friend was left injured with a gunshot in a horrific incident. The unidentified armed men set upon them while they were walking to their car, showed a CCTV footage.



It is reported that the boy Haris Fateh was injured when he was trying to save Dua Mangi from abduction. Police have so far not been able to recover the girl from kidnappers nor is the reason for kidnapping ascertained. But Police has recorded the statement of 22 people as the investigation went further.

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The incident was reported at Chai Master, a popular Dhaba-styled café in Karachi’s upscale area. According to a few social media reports, the injured Haris Fateh called his family to inform about the incident. Some people asserted that the case is a personal conflict between Dua and a boy. Dua is abducted by a boy whom she was in a relationship. The boy after abducting Dua has demanded ransom from her family.


Others asserted that she is probably kidnapped by rural feudal who are increasingly settling in Karachi’s DHA. They slammed the ‘wadera culture’ engulfing the metropolis and ask authorities to take strict action against them.

Several speculations are rife on Twitter regarding her abduction since neither Dua’s family nor Police has given a formal statement on the case.



Actor Feroze Khan also blasted at the uncomfortable silence of the law enforcement agencies to give a clue behind her abduction. In his tweet, he slammed that there has been no information shared on the whereabouts of the girl even after 46 hours of her abduction. He urged the authorities to recover the girl as soon as possible and strictly punish the culprits to deter such incidences in the future.

While the mysterious case of girl’s abduction has stirred controversy on social media it has also perturbed people regarding the safety and security in Karachi.