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Sunday, April 14, 2024

Woman verbally assaults traffic police in Karachi after violating signal

Social media erupted in a furor after a video of a woman brazenly insulting the traffic police officer in Karachi went viral on social media. Netizens demand a strict action the woman to set a precedent

A woman was caught on camera dissing a traffic police officer in Karachi’s high-end residential areas, Defence Housing Authority, DHA. The police had stopped the woman after she broke a traffic signal.

Woman startling hurling abuses as soon as police demanded her to show her driving license to charge her with the penalty. Woman’s insolent behavior with the police officials was recorded on camera.

The woman instead of being guilty of traffic offense confronted the police officer for stopping her over breaking the traffic signal. She insulted the traffic police officer by saying to him that she will ‘break his face’.

“You’re jumping the signal and, on top of it, you’re verbally abusing me,” replied the police officer, to which she said, “Get out of here, get lost!”

The woman crassly reminded the police officer of his ‘worth’ and fled when police tried to issue her a traffic violation fine. The following investigation by Traffic Police Karachi disclosed that the car has been registered in the name of Pir Roshan Din Shah Rashidi.

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The incident was reported on Tuesday while the video of the woman heavily circulated on social media, prompting reactions and debate on social media.

On the other hand, the police later decided to register a case against the woman. Following this, a case against the woman has been registered in Darakshan Police Station, reported the media. The registered FIR has charged a woman for misbehaving with the on-duty officer and obstructing the work of the police officer.


Social Media Erupted in Furor

Meanwhile, issues like the menace of VIP culture, women harassment, and disrespect of public servants keep plaguing Pakistan. The netizens demanded a strict action against the woman to deter the potential miscreants and for the supremacy of law.

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Many social media users asserted that police showed clemency since the offender was a woman. While society vouches for the respect and empowerment of women, women also must avoid manipulating the laws.

A social media user also commented that the accused woman justified her immodest behavior by calling police officers ‘old and ugly’.According to the user, the woman had deleted the tweet later.