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Monday, July 15, 2024

Actress Maira Khan slammed for mocking non-elites in video

Actress Maira Khan recently came under heavy fire for her elitist remarks. By uploading a video on Instagram, the actress went on a rant about how less privileged people now have access to facilities in DHA. She also slammed people for being unable to speak English properly.

Actress Maira Khan has been called out for gatekeeping burger culture in her viral video. She had recently posted a video of looking down on non-burger people having access to DHA, a porch residential area.

In the video, she rants about how less privileged people have access to facilities in DHA. She slammed people for their accent of being unable to speak English properly. The actress had called out people who had recently moved to DHA and do not belong to elite culture.

In quite arrogant and contemptuous remarks she said people need to understand that just by moving to DHA, they have not joined the ‘elite club’ automatically. She even taunted people for their wrong pronunciation of ‘bowl’.

She said that despite moving into an upscale residential area people will not leave behind their ‘paindo’ behavior. Maira Khan went on to say that non-burger people try to imitate elite people but fail. They try to wear the same gym wear, go to the same gyms, will look at them but cannot equate them.

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The actress soon came under fire for her snobbery remarks. She was slammed on social media for haughty comments in the video. Social media users schooled her on manners and asked her to apologize. Comments continued to pour in on Twitter throughout Sunday.

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Later during the day, the actress posted another video and apologized for her remarks. In the video, she said that perhaps her selection of words was not appropriate in the video. She did not mean to hurt the sentiments or insult people. She said that she was not able to deliver her message. The actress admitted to labeling people as paindu and burgers. She added that people should be respected as individuals.