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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Afghan soldiers praise Pakistan Army for hospitality before returning home

In the video shared on social media, Afghan soldiers thanked Pakistan Army for hospitality and taking good care of them, adding that they will remember the hospitality of the Pakistan Army.

46 Afghan soldiers including five officers have returned to Afghanistan after being provided a safe passage by Pakistan Army on Sunday, informed the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) on Tuesday.

“These soldiers from the Afghan National Army (ANA) and Border Police were given safe passage into Pakistan, on their own request, by the Pakistan Army in Arundu Sector of the Pak-Afghan international border, Chitral on July 25,” the military’s media affairs wing stated.

“After necessary clearance, the Afghan soldiers [had] crossed into Pakistan with their weapons, ammunition, and communication equipment.”

“The soldiers have now been amicably returned to Afghan authorities on their request along with their weapons and equipment. Pakistan will continue to extend all kinds of support to our Afghan brethren in time[s] of need,” the statement added.

Pakistan Army had granted a safe passage to forty-six soldiers of the Afghan National Army (ANA) and border police last night, a statement by the ISPR informed last week.

The ANA were unable to hold their military posts along the Pak-Afghan international borders. Due to the critical situation in Afghanistan, the ANA commander requested help for the 46 soldiers which included five officers.

The ISPR statement added that the Pakistani military has contacted Afghan authorities for relevant information and necessary action.

“These Afghan soldiers arrived at Arundu sector, Chitral late last night. After contact with Afghan authorities and necessary military procedures, 46 soldiers including five officers have been given refuge [and] safe passage into Pakistan.

“Afghan soldiers have been provided food, shelter, and necessary medical care as per established military norms,” the ISPR statement said.


Afghan soldiers thanked Pakistan Army

Pakistan Army had ensured to return the soldiers to the Afghan government after the necessary protocols.

In the video shared on social media, Afghan soldiers thanked Pakistan Army for hospitality and taking good care of them, adding that they will remember the hospitality of the Pakistan Army.

A Pakistan Army soldier assured the Afghan soldiers that Pakistan is always standing with its neighbors. They will reach out to help them whenever and wherever needed, assured the Pakistani soldier.

“The video and pictures of 46 Afghan soldiers debunked the claims of the Afghan government who denied Afghan soldiers taking refuge in Pakistan. This issue is not true. No Afghan military personnel has taken refuge in Pakistan, the sensitivity that all Afghans have against Pakistan and especially our military, is clear to all,” said General Ajmal Omer Shinwari, spokesman for the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces.

Pakistan’s military and Foreign Office had dismissed the denial of the Afghan government, saying the border crossing of Afghan personnel is ‘confirmed’.

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The recent event of Afghan soldiers crossing into Pakistan to take refuge is a staunch response to Afghan Vice President Amrullah Saleh who had shamed Pakistan Army in a Twitter post. Saleh had posted a picture of the Pakistan Army from the 1971 war. The picture showed Pakistan Army and Indian Army signing an agreement. His tweet came following three rocket attacks at the Presidential Palace in Afghanistan during the Eid-ul-Adha prayer. Saleh had reacted to the comments on his response to rocket attacks in the viral video. While humiliating Pakistan, he targeted the Pakistan Army in his Twitter post.

“We don’t have such a picture in our history and won’t ever have. Yes, yesterday I flinched for a fraction of a second as a rocket flew above & landed few meters away. Dear Pak twitter attackers, Taliban & terrorism won’t heal the trauma of this picture. Find other ways,” said Amrullah Saleh.

Instead of resorting to vengeance and altercation, the hospitable conduct of the Pakistan Army with the Afghan soldiers has silenced the critics from across the border.