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Friday, May 17, 2024

After Middle East, Canada fires Indian expat for spreading Islamophobia

After the Middle East, Indian Islamophobes counter backlash in western countries for vilifying Muslims. The action of Canada against an Indian expat is a message to other people to be cautious in words. Several India expats have lost jobs in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait for hate speech.

Canada fires an Indian ex-pat for stoking Islamophobia. Indian ex-pat named Ravi Hooda lost his job for his anti-Muslim social media post. Canada has even terminated his employment contract. He served the School Council of Chair in Peel District School in Brampton.

Ravi Hooda severely criticised the Canadian government for obliging Muslim communities. As Muslims are unable to visit mosques during coronavirus lockdown, the Canadian government has allowed call of prayers (Azaan) from the loudspeakers of mosques. The heartwarming move tends to support Muslim communities in Ramadan.

Hence, several Toronto municipalities allowed Azaan from loudspeakers of mosques in Ramadan. But, the move annoyed Ravi Hooda who expressed his anger in an Islamophobic post.

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In his scornful tweet, he mocked the religious values of Islam and humiliated Muslims as a backward and conservative group.

“What’s next? Separate lanes for camel & goat riders, allowing the slaughter of animals at home in the name of sacrifice, bylaw requiring all women to cover themselves from head to toe in tents to appease the piece fools for votes,” wrote Hooda.

Canada counters Islamophobia

His unpleasant criticism of Muslims sent shockwaves across Canada. Strict actions and condemnation followed Hooda’s remarks.

The administration of Peel District School removed Ravi Hooda from the council. Adding that he will no longer take part in the council. Also, the principal of the school has initiated an investigation against Hooda. School administration posted a tweet in which they disapproved Hooda’s Islamophobic diatribe. Adding that Islamophobia is unacceptable and a violation of our ‘Safe and Accepting Schools Policy’.

Canada’s top real estate marketing website, ReMax, too ended Hooda’s contract. Adding that they don’t support the views of Ravi Hooda. Hence, he is no longer affiliated with the organisation. Multiculturalism & diversity are some of the best qualities in our communities. They will uphold these values in all that they do, ReMax, tweeted.

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Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown also condemned Ravi Hood’s hateful remarks. “Our noise by the law passed in 1984 only included an exemption for Church bells. It will now include all faiths within the permitted hours & decibel levels. The Muslim community can proceed with the sunset Azaan because it’s 2020 & we treat all faiths equally. #Ramadan,” he tweeted.

After the Middle East, Indian Islamophobes counter backlash in western countries for vilifying Muslims. Several Indian ex-pats have lost jobs in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait for hate speech. The action of Canada against an Indian ex-pat is a message to other people to be cautious in words.

Hate speech from Indians in Gulf Countries

Gulf countries have observed an exponential rise in anti-Muslim content on social media. A false narrative accusing Muslims of spreading coronavirus in India triggered Islamophobia.

The situation flared up after GCC nationals protested the offensive tweets from Indians. Many of them removed the post and deactivated their account after backlash. While others lost their job for violating UAE’s strict hate speech laws.

Moreover, multiple warnings from Indian missions Gulf countries went unheard. As Indian ex-pats continue to disparage Muslims and Islam.

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Princess Hend Al Qasssimi issued a strict warning to the Indian government over the ridiculous remarks. She is leading a campaign against Islamophobia on social media. She is a member of Sharjah’s royal family. In one of her tweet, she said: “The scorn and ridicule will not go unnoticed”.

“I knew India, the country of Gandhi, a country which suffered enough. The whole world is on its nerves with COVID-19, but the hate should stop.”

She said none of the Indian national works here for free. They work and are paid accordingly. Several human rights activists from Kuwait and UAE called out the Indian government to take action against Islamophobia.