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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Akshay Kumar admits to drinking cow urine daily

"I was not worried, I was too excited. Because of Ayurvedic reason, I drink cow urine every day. so this (Elephant poo drink) was okay," Akshay Kumar replied in an answer to a question.

Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar revealed he drinks cow urine daily for Ayurvedic reasons. He confessed it during an Instagram live chat session with Bear Grylls while shooting for Into The Wild.

His co-star, Huma Qureshi, from his upcoming film, Bell Bottom, was also present in the chat session. Kumar revealed the secret while reminiscing the shooting experience for the reality show Into the Wild.

The discussion around cow urine picked up when Qureshi asked Kumar and Grylls about drinking ‘elephant poo tea’ which they were seen drinking in the trailer of the show.



“How did he (Bear Grylls) convince you to drink the elephant poo drink?,” asked Huma. “I was not worried, I was too excited. Because of Ayurvedic reason, I drink cow urine every day. so this (Elephant poo drink) was okay,” Akshay Kumar replied.

The episode of the show Into the Wild featuring Kumar with host Bear Grylls will premiere on September 11 on Discovery Plus and on September 14 on Discovery Channel.

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Meanwhile, Grylls appreciated Kumar for his humility and fun-nature. The host of the show said he was also impressed with the fitness of the Indian actor. Earlier, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and actor Rajnikanth also joined Grylls for the adventure into the wilderness.

Now, in India, the cow urine has topped the Google searches after the admission of Akshay Kumar that he drinks cow urine daily. A mammoth of Indians flocked to Google to verify and confirm the medicinal and health benefits of drinking cow urine.


But it’s not the first time the debate around the health benefits of cow urine has confused Indians. Earlier, several Indian politicians have recommended people to drink cow urine if they want to ward of the novel coronavirus.

Back in April, dozens of Hindu activists held a cow urine party in the Indian capital to protect themselves from the new coronavirus. Members and supporters of All India Hindu Mahasabha staged fire rituals and drank from earthen cups to fight COVID-19 at the gathering in New Delhi dubbed a “gaumutra (cow urine) party”.

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Many in the Hindu-majority nation of 1.3 billion consider cows sacred and in recent years have made several assertions about the liquid being an elixir, claims that critics have rejected as quackery.