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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Ali Azmat set to travel across Europe on his bike within 22 days

Not from his powerful vocals but Ali Azmat looks to entertain his fans with his bike riding skills. Will he be successful in his adventurous journey through Europe?

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Ali Azmat, Pakistan’s iconic rock star, is gearing up for another adventurous journey to travel across Europe on his motorbike. Azmat took to Facebook and released a video explaining his road journey.

Azmat explained how he intends to cover a distance of 12,000Kms on his bike to travel across Europe within 22 days.

“This trip has been a lifelong dream that is InshaAllah about to materialize. Will try to post regular updates when I can so you all can join me on this journey too. Wish me luck that I can achieve this feat safely. Do keep me in your prayers. Love AA,” he posted on Facebook.

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Earlier, having travelled to Lahore from Karachi in 2013 on his bike, Azmat is now daring to explore Europe through the same mode of transportation. His fans and followers are already excited about this enthralling journey. The ‘Deewana’ singer also went to China and its bordering areas on an even longer tour with his gang of biker boys.

Azmat further stated that he hopes to ‘get good weather on the way’. He plans to begin his ‘life-long dream’ journey from London, then on to France, the Swiss Alps, Germany, Denmark, Oslo, Finland, Latvia, Poland, Holland, Amsterdam and back to London, all in the month of August.

He revealed that he would be riding a BMW motorbike, which ‘can rip up the highways’, boasted Azmat proudly. “Some of the days are going to be very tough. On average, we’ll be travelling 400km a day but a few days can go as far up as 900km.

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That’s 12 hours of constant travel at the fastest possible speed,” mentioned Ali Azmat while sharing the details of his journey. “I do this mostly for myself and my fans, so they can enjoy the crazy ideas I come up with,” concluded the 49-year-old singer.

Earlier, Pakistani singer Fakhr-e-Alam set a world record to circumnavigate around the world in 28 days. He called his adventure ‘Mission Parwaz’. While Ali Azmat is taking up the challenge for his fans and followers, Alam dedicated his achievement to his country.