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Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Ali Zafar bursts into tears, wife vows to bring Meesha Shafi to justice

Zafar presented Shafi’s messages in the court that she had sent him just after the jamming event, thanking him for his support.

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Overwhelmed Ali Zafar burst into tears while talking about allegations of sexual harassment levelled on him by singer Meesha Shafi.

Talking to the private news channel host, Zafar said he did not know why Ms. Shafi made such allegations against him. He, however, requested Meesha Shafi to end the fiasco soon. “I don’t know why she is doing this… one should ask her. She should come to the court herself and reveal her true intentions,” said Ali Zafar.


Ali Zafar added that he and his family have endured the allegations silently for a year since he wanted to settle the matter legally. He said he remained silent and avoided maligning Shafi.

The singer added that at the alleged place of harassment there were present 11 witnesses including two women. He also showed in the court the message Shafi sent him after the jamming event.

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Zafar said that if she was harassed, why she sent a message which said: “Had a great time jamming and performing. Grateful for the kind word Ali has to say on stage.”

Zafar Alleges Shafi’s Team of Harassing him

He also talked about how her legal team has been harassing and maligning him on social media. Zafar stated their malicious propaganda has put his career on stake. He said that the fake social media accounts attacked the companies that hire him for any project.


Zafar said that he does not need money from the defamation suit and instead he will donate to the charity of women but requested Shafi to solve the fiasco.

“We have both known each other for a long time. My kids have played with you. I still urge you to block out all voices and just isolate yourself and connect to God and end this. If you take one step forward I will take ten steps forward.”

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I will see it Through, Says Zafar’s Wife

On the other hand, his wife Aisha has stated on social media that she will bring Shafi to justice for socially maligning them even if her husband Ali Zafar retracts from the case.

Meesha’s Lawyer Refutes Zafar’s Claims

Meesha Shafi’s lawyer Nighat Dad has said that Ms. Shafi has not been called by court yet, but she will appear once she is directed by the court. “Why lawyers are there? To present the client,” she added.