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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Ali Zafar not happy with Imran Khan’s latest tweet

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Ali Zafar yesterday criticized PTI chief Imran Khan for tweeting remarks of condemnation and targeting his opponents on corruption cases at a time when the country was abuzz with the festivity of the first match of Pakistan Super League in Lahore. Ali Zafar responded Imran Khan’s tweet with a request to check the timing of his tweet when the country was witnessing history.

Imran Khan in his tweet lashed out at his opponent ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and former Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar for the rising external debt. Ali Zafar said being a cricketing personality himself Imran Khan must appreciate the comeback of cricket in Pakistan.

Zafar said Imran Khan’s followers expected him to recognize the effort of Pakistan Cricket Board and Punjab government for conducting a peaceful cricket match in Pakistan. Singer Shehzad Roy supported Ali Zafar’s stance as well.

He went on to tweet, “Sir, we do love you for your efforts for the country but perhaps “timing” on issues matter? On a day nation celebrates cricket we do expect you (as our cricket hero) to appreciate, if not participate in the joy and sentiment of the country that comes with cricket coming home.”

Imran Khan later on from his official Twitter account responded to Ali Zafar’s tweet expressing his warmth and appreciation towards the teams playing in Pakistan Super League.

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He posted a picture on his official Twitter account that mentioned he would not be able to cheer the teams on the ground due to his political engagements but he will surely celebrate the success of winning team.

Ali Zafar in another tweet appreciated Imran Khan’s friendly gesture. Ali Zafar has been an active supporter of Pakistan Super League. He has penned down anthems of all the three seasons that were massive hits.