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Ali Zafar not happy with Imran Khan’s latest tweet

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Ali Zafar yesterday criticized PTI chief Imran Khan for tweeting remarks of condemnation and targeting his opponents on corruption cases at a time when the country was abuzz with the festivity of the first match of Pakistan Super League in Lahore. Ali Zafar responded Imran Khan’s tweet with a request to check the timing of his tweet when the country was witnessing history.

Imran Khan in his tweet lashed out at his opponent ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and former Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar for the rising external debt. Ali Zafar said being a cricketing personality himself Imran Khan must appreciate the comeback of cricket in Pakistan.

Zafar said Imran Khan’s followers expected him to recognize the effort of Pakistan Cricket Board and Punjab government for conducting a peaceful cricket match in Pakistan. Singer Shehzad Roy supported Ali Zafar’s stance as well.

He went on to tweet, “Sir, we do love you for your efforts for the country but perhaps “timing” on issues matter? On a day nation celebrates cricket we do expect you (as our cricket hero) to appreciate, if not participate in the joy and sentiment of the country that comes with cricket coming home.”

Imran Khan later on from his official Twitter account responded to Ali Zafar’s tweet expressing his warmth and appreciation towards the teams playing in Pakistan Super League.

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He posted a picture on his official Twitter account that mentioned he would not be able to cheer the teams on the ground due to his political engagements but he will surely celebrate the success of winning team.

Ali Zafar in another tweet appreciated Imran Khan’s friendly gesture. Ali Zafar has been an active supporter of Pakistan Super League. He has penned down anthems of all the three seasons that were massive hits.

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  1. Imran Khan did not respond to ali zafars tweet. Imran Khan does not have time to respond to insignificant people like Ali Zafar. The pti press release came before ali zafar’s ill tasted tweet, ali zafar the so-called humanitarian was just unaware of it. If your going to report news, get your facts straight.

  2. Who is Ali Zafar ? A singer ? A cricket fan ?
    Is Cricket more crucial for the development and prosperity of the nation ? If some domestic cricket tournament is going on , must everybody dance like Ali Zafar and let other more serious matters go to dogs ?
    And GVS is ignorant . IK has not responded to AZ’s tweet ; neither it was worth .

  3. The last PSL Final required the services of paramilitary troops,army and intelligence personnel as well as nearly 2,000 traffic wardens for it to be called a success.The Independence Cup met a similar fate with almost $3million burnt in the players’fees and logistics.It could have been at least a million more had the ICC not bankrolled the lion’s share of presidential level security arrangements.Now there is speculation floating around that West Indian players will be paid $25,000 to visit Pakistan. It is not only about the money voluntarily deluged by the government but the losses incurred by the local businessmen are huge as the whole city especially the main monetary arteries of Lahore are choked to death during this period of cricket frenzy.There is no in or out ,God forbid what is going to happen in Karachi now.Fortunately or unfortunately,banks of National Treasury are already broken with1.5 billion rupees flooded to renovate the National Stadium–just a couple of hundreds more than the 1.3 billion allotted to build 46 new hospitals in the fiscal health budget of 2017-018. It is a world of markets and products and Pakistan cricket is a product which is sold to the sponsors to generate profits.For how long can the PCB continue to pay players to visit Pakistan and how can it make an ODI or Test series financially viable when even the 120 series results in losses which require lesser time and money?Amid all these losses incurred by the government and the local businessmen,there is considered to be only one gain,that we are painting a positive image of Pakistan an an international scale,which painfully is farce. Do we really think that vibrancy of high beam LEDs,colourful posters and blasting speakers compensate for the gloom surrounding bulletproof buses,guarded hotel rooms and empty roads?It is a free spirited sports and amid all the time away from families,players maintain their sanity by indulging in different cultures and spending some vacation time.It is almost embarrassing every time players apologise to their fans for not coming to Pakistan as their families are too worried about them.In a way these scenes further reinforce a fallacious image of Pakistan sketched internationally in black and white. Our passion runs on fanatical numbers when it comes to cricket.We are a nation which is willing to forgive anyone who runs in hard and bowls in fast.Flying hair,strong contours and deranged celebrations shaped our cricket.It is hard to see it stoop to a level where we have to force cricketers to Pakistan in bulletproof buses and see how peaceful Pakistan really is. Albert Einstein once said,”PEACE CANNOT BE KEPT BY FORCE,IT CAN ONLY BE ACHIEVED BY UNDERSTANDING”,so we need to understand the realities of today’s Pakistan that at the end of day,even if hopefully these playoffs go incident free,what will we really achieve after all this hassle?Will we have managed to make peace or force?

  4. I Irfan Rasheed has reproduced some paragraphs of the Article written by Muhammed Atif Ilyas in THE EXPRESS TRIBUNE,LAHORE,MARCH 22,2018.I fully agree to writer and by adding my own sentiments truly feel dejected when living in Lahore Model Town it was a great inconvenience to move out anywhere around for two days as we daily commuters went crippled like the ”Economy of Pakistan”.Is nt it against HUMAN RIGHTS that whole city has been LOCKED DOWN in name of a GAME which has nt proved any good for uplifting the image of of Pakistan when the international players refuse to come to Pakistan being kept in ”CAGED”atmosphere?Secondly public must be informed how much PCB spent in arranging these matches in Lahore and Karachi and what were the expanses government had to spend in providing foolproof security to the players and keeping the two Provincial Capitals under HOSTAGE?When Pakistan’s economy is suffering with dilapidated situation why unwise PCB’s Tycoons are playing with such”ECONOMICAL RISKS” and also causing great mental sufferings on the part of daily commuters and local business men.Whereas the Tweet by Ali Zafar is concerned condemning Imran Khan upon its timings for tweeting against CORRUPTS, I must condemn Ali ZAFAR that he himself is non sense VIP to understand the sentiments of public that we dont want such game to be played in Pakistan when portraying a fallacious image of Pakistan in name of”FEEL FREE”the whole city people are made hostage by government itself?CORRUPTION is hell of a problem for Pakistan and we need to raise our voice against it round the clock and it does nt need any specific timings and what Imran did it was right in time as Ali Zafar’s own business is certainly related to DISPLAYING such entertainments even at the expanse of city dwellers whose easy mobility is totally restricted and their businesses suffer without any ambiguity.Next time if PSL matches have to be played in Pakistan there should nt be any restriction imposed upon the free movement of citizens on roads when these matches are totally at loss for PCB due to burning millions of rupees in name of security for limited time game even.

  5. I don’t think that imran khan will ever respond to people like ali zafar who just want entertainment every time.. they don’t care for hungry and have no pain of poor and oppressed people… whereas @imrankhanpti is the mentor of our nation, our inspiration, our hero , legend and leader of the new generation…
    And will be our next prime minister at the end of this year..


  7. Ali zafar is shouting about timing then he must criticise government as well as they increased dollar to rupee under the shadow of PSL. The bomb of inflation will fall on public after 2 to 3 weeks and then I wander people will remember PSL joy or not.

  8. Ali Zafar have oppertunities in India and he is nothing but just an actor/singer……Imran Khan didnt respond Ali Zafar…..pls correct your news and record…….and our nation needs an independant, peacufull and honourable Pakistan not a state kept hostage by security institutions for the sake of couple of matches in 2 biggest cities…….and finally what image have been made?? still a lot of foreign players refused to come in Pakistan…… where the hell is cricket diplomacy by Najam Sethi ???……total waste of tex payers money….. Imran Khan is doing right by focusing in real issues instead of Naach Gaana……


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