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Saturday, February 4, 2023

Alizey Shah slammed for indecent dressing at Hum Awards

In honor of the recent Hum Style Awards Show, actress Alizey Shah wore a black dress which, according to netizens, is revealing and promoting vulgarity in society.

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Pakistani actress, Alizey Shah, has been under intense social media scrutiny for her dressing at the Hum Style Awards Show, making her go viral on social media.

Alizey Shah wore a blackish-blue strapless gown for the award show. She walked the red carpet while flaunting her dress with her recent new look. Besides her dress, she also caught attention through her dance performance with singer Ali Zafar in the show.

Netizens, however, did not like her attire at the award show. Social media users are advising her to wear decent dresses that reflect the culture of our society.

Not only Alizey Shah but social media users targeted other female celebrities for wearing indecent dresses which according to them is promoting vulgarity in society.

A few of them recalled the recent statements of PM Imran Khan passed in an interview in which he had talked about the rising temptations from nudity and obscene stuff shown in films and movies leading to a rapid increase in sexual crimes against women.

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Alizey Shah making waves for the wrong reasons

Netizens think Pakistani female celebrities do not need to don revealing dresses, instead, they should wear eastern and traditional dresses to promote the indigenous culture of our society. Some extremely disgruntled social media users demanded a ban on the award show as according to them it is promoting obscenity and vulgarity.

Meanwhile, Alizey Shah has been attracting criticism for her bold choices recently. Earlier, she had been slammed for her inappropriate dressing style. She appeared wearing a deep-neck top in one of her recent interviews.

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Her music video, with singer Sahir Ali Bagga, also became a topic of discussion on Twitter. She wore a tank-top in the music video that her fans and followers did not like.

Alizey Shah or any other celebrity has not yet responded to the backlash on social media.