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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Hania Amir, Asim Azhar throw shade at each other following viral video

In a social media spat, actress Hania Amir calls out singer Asim Azhar for taking part in an online bullying campaign against her. In return, Asim Azhar also hit back with a long emotional note posted on his Instagram account.

Hania Amir and Asim Azhar poured in their sentimental reactions following the fiasco surrounding the latest allegedly ‘indecent’ viral video of the actress.

Hania Amir has come under intense criticism for her viral video with Ashar Wajahat, the son of director Wajahat Rauf. Asim Azhar also reacted to the controversy as he posted a meme video on his Twitter account. His cryptic Twitter post meant that his breakup with Hania Amir was a ‘narrow scape’.

Hania Amir was seemingly offended by his tweet. In response, she also posted a tweet that read, “You can either be a celebrity or a bitter ex with no dignity.” This exchange of tweets between the former couple ensued another controversy on social media.


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Later Hania Amir took to Instagram and posted her video of her friend consoling her as she cried over the online trolling and bullying.

The post reads: “Just another day surviving in a misogynist world where double standards have power over innocence and where coexisting with a difference of opinion is not a thing.”

She continued, “Where a man trying to belittle a woman is applauded but if a woman does the same she is hated. Where a woman showing affection to her loved ones is wrong.”

“Just another day surviving. Hope you all are doing well in this disgusting world and keeping your goodness intact. Someone else’s evil shouldn’t ruin your goodness”, Hania added.

In another post, she also took a dig at Asim Azhar condemning him for enjoying her internet bullying. In return, Asim Azhar also hit back with a long emotional note posted on his Instagram account. The singer said that no one came to his defense when he was being bullied and trolled on the internet following his separation from Hania Amir.

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He said that he has already moved on and is content with his life, friends, and work. Azhar asked internet users never to drag him again in any controversy concerning Hania Amir.