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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

All Lamborghini production already sold until 2024

Italian sports car maker Lamborghini has already pre-sold the entire production run to early 2024, its boss told AFP, with luxury goods seemingly unaffected by global economic uncertainty.

According to Lamborghini’s boss, the full production runs through early 2024 and has already been pre-sold, indicating that luxury goods are mostly unaffected by the current state of the world economy.

According to CEO Stephan Winkelmann, the Volkswagen business is seeing “strong demand” and has an order book for the next 18 months.

Despite the negative effects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on the world economy, wealthy clients are swarming to the brand.

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It has been a great year for Italian sports car makers despite inflation

“More and more people are getting into Lamborghinis. Because they believe in the brand, they are attracted to the cars’ beauty and (excellent) performance “explained Winkelmann.

For it to continue, the world economy merely needs to “remain a little stable,” he continued.

A lack of parts, notably chips required for new electric models, is another factor contributing to the lengthy order turnaround times.

By 2024, Lamborghini intends to provide hybrid versions of each of its models, and in the second half of the decade, it will launch its first entirely electric vehicle.

The company is working “as much as we can, as fast as we can to keep everything updated and moving in a positive way,” Winkelmann said, adding that this is “a lot in just two years.”

Early in August, Lamborghini said it had had its best half-year ever, with record sales and earnings.

The automaker’s operating margin increased to 32%, and operating profit increased to 425 million euros on sales of 5,090 vehicles.

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Fellow luxury carmaker Ferrari also posted record results in the second quarter and raised its annual forecast, with orders at record levels.

The largest luxury goods company in the world, LVMH, announced a rise in sales and earnings in the first half of the year at the end of July despite the shaky economic climate.