Massive price hike announced for Changan cars

The model Changan Alsvin comes in three variants and the prices of all three variants have been revised by the company.

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Following Honda atlas, Toyota Pakistan, and Pak Suzuki, Changan car prices have also increased up to Rs. 400,000. The company has highlighted the current rupee depreciation against the dollar exchange rate and record-high freight costs as the driving factors for this price hike. Moreover, the cost of raw materials and production has also made it difficult for the companies to keep up the standard with the current prices.

Although the company has only increased the prices of Changan Alsvin and Changan Oshan X7. Likewise, the new prices are officially in effect from May 9, 2022.

The revised prices

The model Changan Alsvin comes in three variants and the prices of all three variants have been revised by the company. The Alsvin 1.3L M/T Comfort has a revised price of Rs. 2,894,000 against its old price of Rs. 2,769,000, denoting a difference of Rs. 125,000. Similarly, the second variant Alsvin 1.5L DCT Comfort also experienced a jump of Rs. 125,000. The new price of the model is Rs. 3,149,000 compared to its old price of Rs. 3,024,000. Likewise, the model Alsvin 1.5L DCT Lumiere’s price increased by Rs. 125,000 with its revised price of Rs. 3,344,000 compared to the previous price of Rs. 3,219,000.

In addition to this Changan, and Oshan X7 has also experienced a significant price hike. The crossover SUV model Oshan X7 Comfort now costs Rs. 6,050,000 compared to Rs. 5,750,000, highlighting a significant difference of Rs. 300,000. Similarly, the variant Oshan X7 Futuresense has a difference of Rs. 400,000, taking it to Rs. 6,350,000 from Rs. 5,950,000.

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Furthermore, the previous prices will be applicable on Changan Alsvin only if the tentative delivery date is June 2022. Similarly, this will be valid when half of the payment is received on May 9 or before and the Balance of Payment instrument is dated for May 16 or before.

Additionally, the conditions for Changan Oshan X7 are that the old prices will be applicable on full payment with an expected delivery date of June 2022 or before. Likely, the balance payment should be dated May 9 or before.

Moreover, the new prices for Alsvin are applicable on all other partial payments, new orders, and any tentative delivery month. Likewise, the revised prices for Oshan X7, are also valid on all partial payments, full payments with an expected delivery date of July 2022, and all new orders with any tentative delivery month.

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Conclusively, the price hike would likely make the country’s automobile industry slow and less attractive as the massive price increase would result in lower affordability and reach.