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Sunday, May 26, 2024

American-Pakistani businessman donates $9 million to NUST for underprivileged students

This generous contribution marks one of the largest single donations by an overseas Pakistani to any university in Pakistan.

American-Pakistani businessman and philanthropist Tanweer Ahmed has donated a staggering $9 million to Islamabad’s National University of Science & Technology (NUST) to establish an Endowment Fund for underprivileged students. This generous contribution marks one of the largest single donations by an overseas Pakistani to any university in Pakistan and is set to transform the lives of nearly 200 deserving students annually.

Bridging Educational Gaps

Tanweer Ahmed’s initiative aims to bridge the educational gap by providing scholarships to students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds. The partnership with NUST through the Endowment Fund ensures that talented individuals, who might otherwise be unable to afford quality education, are given the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

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Expanding Horizons

Beyond NUST, Ahmed envisions expanding this noble cause to other universities, with the scholarship program running permanently. In an interview with Geo News, he expressed his commitment to creating a lasting impact on the education sector in Pakistan, emphasising that the formal launch of the scholarship program will be attended by the country’s top leadership.

Merit-Based Scholarships for Advanced Sectors

Ahmed’s strategic vision is to empower the youth of Pakistan, facilitating their excellence in advanced sectors, notably Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Information Technology (IT). He emphasises a commitment to a merit-based scholarship system, meticulously designed to identify the most deserving students. With a deliberate focus on industries poised for future prominence, Ahmed believes that Pakistan is poised to derive substantial benefits from nurturing the talents of its youth in these pivotal fields.

From Modest Beginnings to Entrepreneurial Success

Tanweer Ahmed’s journey from a small town in Sialkot to a thriving entrepreneur in the United States is both inspiring and relatable. Starting as a student working in a restaurant, Ahmed’s path to owning significant ventures in cricket, food chains, and various industries showcases his unwavering dedication and entrepreneurial spirit.

Heartfelt Bond with Pakistan

Tanweer Ahmed’s connection with Pakistan is deeply rooted in his philanthropic efforts. His substantial contribution of over $50 million during the devastating floods of 2022 and the establishment of a hospital in Sialkot underscore his commitment to the well-being of fellow Pakistanis.

An Urgent Call to Overseas Pakistanis

Ahmed believes that overseas Pakistanis, like himself, bear a responsibility to contribute to their homeland’s progress. He advocates for supporting Pakistan’s development by empowering its youth through education and knowledge. Ahmed envisions a collective effort from successful Pakistanis abroad to shape the future of their motherland.

Ahmed’s Collaboration with NUST

NUST Rector Engineer Javed Mahmood Bukhari praises Tanweer Ahmed’s transformative collaboration as a “unique initiative” in any public sector university in Pakistan. The infusion of approximately $9 million into the university’s science and technology park, with half of the project’s income directed to an endowment for financially challenged students, holds the potential to positively impact thousands of Pakistani families.

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Tanweer Ahmed’s $9 million scholarship initiative emerges as a ray of hope for Pakistani students seeking to overcome obstacles and achieve academic excellence. His dedication to empowering the youth, coupled with the transformative partnership with NUST, represents a significant stride towards fostering positive change in education and societal equity in Pakistan.