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Friday, April 12, 2024

Amir Khan admits he embarrassed himself in public feud with wife

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Amir Khan’s says his recent marriage fiasco with wife Faryal Makhdoom left him embarrassed. The boxer made a candid statement recently while talking to an international news publication.

The boxer in his statement confessed that he felt embarrassed over the way he handled the temporary break-up with his wife.

“I think if you look at the whole situation, it was all just silly, starting with the texts, then when I accused her of messaging Joshua, it was all just nonsense really from the start,”

He continued, “And then we sat down and thought ‘Look, we’ve got a family’. Also, she’s expecting so we have to think of the kids. In life, you have to forgive. We have to move forward and move on from things like that.”

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Classifying it as a ‘wake-up call’, he added, “I made a few silly mistakes. I put my life on social media, I assumed things which were wrong. So I kind of embarrassed myself.

Amir also said that things are getting normal between the couple after their reconciliation. He informed that Faryal is staying with his family in a bid to repair her broken relationship with her in-laws.

Amir Khan is currently in Australia since he is a part of the reality game show ‘I m a celebrity..Get me out of here’.

Khan hopes to use the show as a springboard to rebuild his damaged public image and people’s perceptions after his split.

It was also opined that bosses of the show wanted him as a hunky single man to provoke romance on the show. But Amir is set to be keen to set things straight in his turbulent married life.

However, it now seems that he can be a comedy factor in the show after he has admitted that he is not as brave as he seems.

In his first task, the boxer gave up when he was asked to find the hidden keys from inside a tunnel that had creepy insects including small snakes as well.

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But his mass following hopes that the celebrity boxer will win the game show. His Twitter has been pouring with tons of messages of appreciation.