Amir Khan

Pakistani origin British boxer Amir Khan has announced to donate Rs40 million to Pakistan to help fight the novel coronavirus. Khan also offered to use his Islamabad boxing academy as a quarantine for the coronavirus patients.

“Amir Khan Foundation will make sure to distribute ration and other necessary things among the poor,” said Amir.

Adding that, “I want to help the government of Pakistan as they assist the patients affected by a coronavirus.”

Since he realizes that coronavirus patients have to keep in isolation hence the gymnasium in his boxing academy would serve the purpose.


Boxer Amir Khan has offered to donate his 60,000 square foot, 4 story building to the National Health Services to turn it into a hospital for coronavirus patients. He made a benevolent offer in a bid to address the shortages of hospital beds for coronavirus patients.

He made an offer in a tweet, posted his picture standing in front of his expansive property. He added that the building was to be converted into a wedding hall and retail outlet but he is happy to give his building to NHS to address the shortage of beds.

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He wrote: ‘I am aware of how difficult it is for the public to get a hospital bed in this tragic time…

‘I am prepared to give my 60,000 square foot 4 story building which is due to be a wedding hall and retail outlet to the NHS to help people affected by the coronavirus. Pls, keep safe.’

Amir Khan has been releasing messages for his followers regarding the global pandemic coronavirus. In his video earlier, he urged people to strictly follow safety guidelines to remain safe from coronavirus.

He also shared the picture of his newly-born son Muhammad Zaviyar on his Twitter account, with a message to encourage people to stay indoors to control the spread of coronavirus.

With the little one Mohammed Zaviyar Khan at home. Stay indoors with your loved ones. It’s getting bad out there with the coronavirus. Me and the little one send our best wishes to everyone,” wrote Amir Khan in a tweet.

Amir Khan has been generously supporting people through his philanthropic activities in Pakistan and the UK.

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Pakistani-British boxer Amir Khan has announced to donate an amount of £10,997 to the funds for the construction of Diamer-Basha and Mohmand Dams.

Khan appreciated the efforts of the Pakistan Army and former Chief Justice of Pakistan Mian Saqib Nisar to remedy water scarcity in Pakistan. In a video message Amir Khan has urged other celebrities to donate for the funds.

“Pakistan has a shortage of clean drinking water in the country. I urge celebrities and other locals to contribute towards the fund,” Khan said.

He has also built a boxing academy in Islamabad, Pakistan that supports and trains the local boxing talent.