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Friday, May 17, 2024

Amir Khan refuses to work with alleged sexual predator

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Actor Amir Khan has refused to work with filmmaker Subhash Kapoor after he found him accused of sexual misconduct. On Wednesday, Amir Khan Productions released an official statement that informed Amir Khan’s decision to step back from the project.

“Two weeks ago, when traumatic #MeToo stories began emerging, it was brought to our attention that someone we were about to begin work with has been accused of sexual misconduct. Upon inquiry, we found that this particular case is sub judice and that the legal process is in motion.”

“We are not an investigative agency, nor are we in any position to pass judgment on anyone – that is for the police and judiciary to do. So, without casting any aspersions on anyone involved in this case, and without coming to any conclusions about these specific allegations, we have decided to step away from this film,” read the statement posted on Twitter by Amir Khan.

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“At Aamir Khan Productions, we have always had a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual misconduct and predatory behavior of any kind. We strongly condemn any act of sexual harassment, and equally we condemn any and all false accusations in such cases,” the joint statement by Aamir Khan and his wife Kiran Rao read.


The couple has not taken the name of the accused. It is noteworthy that Shubash Kapoor was set to direct the biopic movie on Gulshan Kumar, ‘Mogul’ that was to be co-produced by Amir Khan under the banner of Amir Khan Productions.

Actor Geetika Tyagi has accused Kapoor of molesting her back in 2014. She added that the director even tried to rape her in 2012. After Amir Khan’s exit, Kapoor has announced to prove his innocence in the court.

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Kapoor said, “I understand and respect Aamir Khan’s and Kiran Rao’s decision. Since matter is subjudice, I intend to prove my innocence in the court of law. But I do want to raise a question – is secretly filming a crying woman without her consent and knowledge and uploading it on social media, not harassment or abuse? Or is it fine if she is related to someone who is “accused” of misconduct? If your answer is latter then for me it’s nothing less than a khaap panchayat mentality.”

Amir Khan reached this decision after actress Geetika Tyagi asked and reminded Kiran Rao that her husband Amir Khan was working with an alleged harasser. On late Wednesday, the couple decided to exit the project.

Previously, actress Tanushree Datta pointed out that big Bollywood celebrities like Akshay Kumar and Amir Khan must take a hard stance against the sexual predators in the industry. Their action will discourage the predatory behavior in the Indian Film industry and will make it a safe place for females.

Tanushree Datta broke the ice ceiling in the Indian film industry. Following her other victims have come forward with their sets of the story of abuses. Datta accused Nana Patekar of sexually harassing her at the set of the film. The outspoken lady Kangana Ranaut also accused Vikas Bahl of sexual misconduct.

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Since then, ‘ME TOO’, a movement against sexual harassment has taken momentum in India.  Celebrities like Sonam Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai have openly announced to vouch for the women bravely sharing their traumatic experiences.

In her latest interview, Aishwarya Rai stated that “The #MeToo movement has gained momentum in present times. The world has got smaller with social media, one voice is becoming larger. What is nice to see in the present time is that the members of the media are becoming allied and propelling voices that need to be heard and giving them the platform. The law of the land will take over for justice to be served.”

Earlier, Imran Khan, who rose to fame with Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, also announced his support for the movement. In an interview, he said, “I do not want to deal with negative publicity but how these women have come out is brave. I do not want them to feel that men in the industry are not standing by them. I have been silent for long enough, but not anymore as it makes me feel dirty. My conscience will not allow me to stay quiet about it.”