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Sheikh Danish Ali assaulted his daughter's friend for refusing his marriage proposal.

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Ana Ali helped her father, Sheikh Danish, kidnap and assault Khadija for refusing his marriage proposal.

Sheikh Danish Ali, along with at least five other men allegedly abducted, tortured and sexually assaulted a medical student named Khadija in Faisalabad.

Danish Ali is a resident of Paradise Valley in Rawalpindi, is a businessman and owner of Rawalpindi’s Best Export company. Khadija was kidnapped, tortured and subjected to sexual abuse by her friend Ana Ali’s father because she refused his marriage proposal.

A complaint was registered by Khadija wherein she stated that Sheikh Danish Ali, his daughter Ana Ali, Faizan, Shoaib, Mahamand Khan Muhammad tortured Khadija and her brother at gunpoint.

The kidnappers barged into Khadija’s house and also confiscated expensive items including an expensive mobile phone, Rs500,000 cash and two bangles worth Rs450,000.. They then proceeded to take Khadija and her brother to their residence where they compelled Khadija to lick their shoes. Later, Sheikh Ana Ali made a video of her cutting Khadija’s hair with scissors on the instruction of accused Sheikh Danish and made the video viral on social media.

As per Khadija, Sheikh Danish Ali assaulted her sexually, physically, mentally and shaved her head and eyebrows.

The brutal video has been making the rounds on social media, showing the victim being beaten by the accused and having her hair cut.

The City Police Officer, Omer Saeed Malik, took notice of the incident and formed a special team headed by the SP of Madina Town.

The CPO said that protecting the honor and rights of women was one of the top priorities of police.

Police have arrested Sheikh Danish

The victim, Khadija, addressed the issue via a video.

Some people on twitter are calling out Aurat March for staying silent on the issue.

#AnaAli is currently trending on twitter as people are calling out the United Kingdom to kick her out for human rights violation. Many people are also highlighting Sheikh Danish Ali’s affiliation with the PMLN.

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Sheikh Danish was attacked by lawyers while he was presented to the court as the lawyers refused to take his case.


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