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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Anchor Kiran Naz schools Pervez Hoodbhoy on hijab

Pakistan’s nuclear physicist Pervez Hoodbhoy said hijab and burqa reduce the class participation of women attending educational institutes. His comments sparked outrage. Anchorperson Kiran Naz then wore the hijab in her live TV show in solidarity with the hijabi women.

Pakistani netizens are rallying in support of Hijab after physicist Pervez Hoodbhoy questioned the capabilities of hijabi women in a talk show on Tuesday.

In a talk show, Pakistan’s nuclear physicist was heard speaking about women attending educational institutes in hijab. He commented that he started teaching in 1973 and rarely saw any woman on campus with hijab. Now, hijabi and burqa-clad women have outnumbered “normal” girls in educational institutes.

The physicist added that hijab and burqa reduce the class participation of these girls to the point that they don’t even ask questions and sometimes you cannot even sense their presence in the classroom. He said that earlier girls used to ask the question and he would gladly answer them.

The video clip of Pervez Hoodbhoy went viral on social media that sparked outrage among netizens. A large number of netizens slammed Pervez Hoodbhoy for passing disparaging comments against the hijabi women. They argued that hijabi women are equally talented and capable as other non-hijabi women.  #HijabIsObligatory is among the top Twitter trends on Friday morning.

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Hijab wearing women are not abnormal: Kiran Naz

Meanwhile, anchorperson Kiran Naz also wore the hijab in her live TV show in solidarity with the hijabi women. She argued that hijabi women are deserving of equal respect and opportunities in response to the regressive comments passed by Pervez Hoodbhoy. She said that she does not wear hijab but hijab is part of Pakistan’s Islamic culture but no one can label hijab-wearing women as abnormal.

“Hijab-wearing women are normal in the exact same way as those not wearing hijab,” she said. She argued that wearing a hijab won’t change her thoughts and words.

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She quoted several successful who are wearing hijab including Sindh MPA politician, Nusrat Sehar Abbasi who has undergone a major change and is wearing complete hijab. She also quoted commercial pilot Shahnaz Laghari and a hijabi girl from Faisalabad who won 18 medals last year.