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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

“Are the Rest Not Human”? Asks Chairman NAB after Nawaz’s Departure

Chairman NAB lashed out at the civil administration over the varied health systems for people in Pakistan and asks if rest are not human? His criticism followed Nawaz Sharif's departure from Pakistan for treatment abroad.

Chairman NAB, retired Justice Javed Iqbal expressed annoyance over the duality of the health system for rich and poor in Pakistan. While addressing a conference in Islamabad on Tuesday, Chairman NAB asserted that the existence of the wide class difference is inappreciable; while underprivileged are forced to share beds in hospitals, the elites fly abroad – ‘London or USA’ to treat their influenza.

His statement followed the departure of ousted ailing premier Nawaz Sharif, who flew to London for his treatment on Tuesday morning. A special air ambulance of Qatar Airways carried Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif and Dr. Adnan to London via Qatar from Hajj Terminal of Lahore Airport.

He was allowed to travel abroad after a weeks-long dispute on his health. PML-N expressed dissatisfaction over the treatment provided to him from the Punjab Government. Nawaz Sharif suffered from the declining platelets in the body. PML-N had insisted that Nawaz Sharif’s life-threatening illness can be cured if he is allowed to be treated abroad.

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Nawaz Sharif first acquired eight-weeks bail from Islamabad High Court later Lahore High Court ordered his name to be pulled down from Exit Control List.

Chairman NAB lambasted the civil administration for the deteriorating health sector of Pakistan. He, not only equivocally criticized Nawaz Sharif but also cited the incident of an 11-year old boy who died in Shikarpur in September due to the unavailability of the anti-rabies vaccine. He said that while a child died in the mother’s lap, the budget of the concerned government amounted to millions.


Pakistan People’s Party has been under fire after multiple deaths from dog bite have been reported in the province in the past few months, bringing to surface the crisis of unavailability of anti-dog vaccines across the province.

“One province uses its card, the other uses its card. Believe me, this will not have an effect on NAB. NAB has to continue its work,” he said.

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Chairman NAB, also talked on lengths about the ongoing anti-corruption and anti-money laundering campaigns. He added that NAB is tenacious to bring to justice the absconders. No NRO or relief will be given to anyone from NAB.

He requested people to not to borrow the narratives of people under investigation by NAB since they are ought to vilify the organization.

“Almost every person, who is on NAB’s radar, against whom there is a reference in court, against whom inquiries have been started [..] or investigations have been started, won’t say good things about NAB,” he said.

Chairman NAB reiterated that the organization will continue to move towards its mission despite opposition, slander, and criticism.