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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Arijit Singh gives a shout out to Mahira Khan in his concert

She took to Instagram to appreciate the artist's humble gesture for her during the concert in Dubai on Saturday.

Indian singer Arijit Singh gave a shout-out to Mahira Khan for attending his concert in Dubai. A video of the singer praising the presence of Mahira Khan in the concert has gone viral on social media.

She took to Instagram to appreciate the artist’s humble gesture for her during the concert in Dubai on Saturday.

The singer took the mic on stage and expressed genuine astonishment over her presence. The singer candidly said, “You guys must be surprised, should I reveal. I should reveal it in a very nice way. Can we have a camera there? I have been trying to recognise this person, then remembered I have sung for her.”

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With great fanfare and humility to match, he continued, “Ladies and gentlemen, Mahira Khan sitting right in front of me. Think about how I was singing her song Zaalima and it’s her song and she was singing and standing and I couldn’t recognise her. I am so sorry. Ma’am gratitude and thank you so much.”

Touched with a heart-warming reaction from the singer, Mahira Khan responded with a smile and waved to the audience. She later took to Instagram to share the highlights of the events in a reel.

“I wasn’t meant to be here for this…but…I guess I was. You know what I mean?” said Mahira on Instagram alongside the video. “What a pleasure it is to watch an artist perform…whirling in joy, surrounded by love. But more than that, it’s beautiful when you see humility in an artist because he knows, it isn’t him. He’s just been blessed from up above. Stay blessed, Arijit.”

Following her appearance in the movie Raees opposite Shah Rukh Khan, the actress has gained widespread fanbase in cross-border India.

Lately, we have seen artists from both sides of the border mingling up. Recently pictures of Indian singer Badshah and Pakistani actress Hania Amir were shared online.