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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Armeena Khan demands back the ‘state money’ from male guardians of non-working female doctors

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Pakistani actress Armeena Khan has questioned the trend of females not pursuing their medical practice after attaining degrees, according to a recent statistics nearly 85,000 females who attained medical education on the expense of the state or privately are not part of the medical workforce in Pakistan.

The report further stated that if only 50 percent of these out-of-profession doctors join the workforce, 70 percent of the problems of the health issues of low-income community groups can be resolved.

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Khan, commenting on the startling statistics cited that most females pursue medical education to acquire a good marriage proposal while others are barred from practice from their male guardian including father, brother or the husband.


She further stated that the onus of the wastage of state resources befalls primarily upon the male guardians since females are not free to choose their own career. Bashing them she further stated that such cultural norms have resulted in the poor health sector of the country while the potential doctors were denied the opportunity to utilize their skills and benefit the nation.




Therefore, the male guardians and beneficiaries should pay back that money to the state which could then be spent on the training of the deserving potential doctors.

The commentators on social media backed her decision and praised her for raising an important matter; however, others highlighted the plight of working in the medical profession. They stated that factors such as low monetary reward, long working hours, absence of career structure and childcare facilities.


Adding contrast to the debate, one female user pointed out that it is not only the female doctors that leave the profession but even male doctors leave the country to either pursue specialization courses or further their career abroad. Hence according to her, a sizable portion of male doctors are also responsible for the poor health system in the country.


They demanded the government to introduce attractive monetary packages for the doctors so that they may pursue their profession and choose to stay back in the country.