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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Armeena Khan extends a helping hand for Syrian Refugees

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Pakistani starlet Armeena Khan joined hands with Human Relief Foundation to help Syrian Refugees. She in her social media post announced her formal support for the cause. In her announcement she said she would be collecting donations for the Syrian refugees and also called out her followers for join hands with her for the noble cause.

“Alhamdullilah! We managed to fundraise this much for the victims in #Syria. The Human Relief Foundation team flew to Jordan yesterday with your generous donations. You will see your money at work,” she wrote on Twitter.

She also shared the video of a volunteer from the organization that briefed on the relief work carried out with the donations they received. At the beginning of the video, relief worker extended her gratitude to Armeena Khan for providing her support.

She wrote, “Want to see your donations at work? We launched an appeal, a couple of weeks ago for Human Relief Foun this is what they’re doing with your money. Thank you so much to all those who donated! The team couldn’t have done it without you. Please keep giving. Well done Saira.”

“This is Saira from Human Relief foundation and this is a very very special thank you to Armeena and all who are following for all the donations that you guys have given us,” stated the volunteer in the video.

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“This is your food distribution going on right about now. This is all the food we have and these are all the beneficiaries,” added Saira as she guides through the video.

“Women who have not eaten in days, have not eaten in weeks, these women got out and begged on streets so they can have scraps of food. So, this food distribution means everything to them,” she went on to add. “Please keep supporting Human relief foundation,” she concluded.

Armeena Khan has been quite vocal about her support towards the rehabilitation of Syrian refugees. In her Tweet last month, she expressed her concern over the escalating human destruction that will be caused by this fresh wave of armed conflict underway in Eastern Ghouta in Syria.

Other Pakistani celebrities too expressed their sorrow on the extensive suffering inflicted on the people of Eastern Ghouta as a result of the fresh airstrikes by the Syrian regime.

‘Verna’ actors like Mahira Khan and Haroon Shahid, singer Annie Khalid, actress Mawra Hocane were among the few celebrities that expressed their disappointment on social media.