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Friday, May 17, 2024

Armeena Khan meets UNICEF to support Kashmiris

Armeena Khan not only raised voice against Kashmiris but also protested against the war-mongering tweets of Priyanka Chopra. Khan submitted a letter to UNICEF seeking her removal from the honorary post as UNICEF’s Goodwill Ambassador.

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Pakistani actress and social rights activist, Armeena Khan met the representatives of UNICEF at the London office yesterday, to discuss the Kashmir issue. The actress also submitted an open letter to UNICEF; a verbal protest against Priyanka Chopra’s pro-war assertions. Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra upholds an honorary post of a Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF.

Meeting with UNICEF

Armeena Khan has been vehemently protesting against the Indian atrocities in Jammu & Kashmir on social media. She believes submitting a letter and convening a meeting with UNICEF is a small step she can take to help and support the Kashmiris. On her Twitter account, she informed that she would be asking some tough questions from UNICEF on Kashmir issue.

Armeena Khan has been grilling Priyanka Chopra for ‘warmongering’ over the recent escalation between India and Pakistan.

“Off to London. May the prayer of the innocent Kashmiris be answered, aameen,” Armeena tweeted recently. “This is a small step but the right one. May all that is good in this world prevail over wanton evil,” tweeted Armeena Khan.


Armeena Khan later took to Twitter and informed her followers about the meeting with the UNICEF representatives. The actress stated she had a productive meeting with UNICEF on the Kashmir issue. Khan recorded her concerns over Priyanka Chopra’s warmongering statements, which according to her violated the values of UN of peace, humanity, and stability. The actress clarified that UNICEF is a branch of the United Nations and hence, cannot single handedly take the decision regarding the future of Priyanka Chopra’s future with the organization.


Armeena mentioned that she thoroughly discussed the Kashmir issue with the UNICEF representatives, highlighted the Indian media’s ongoing violations of human rights in Kashmir valley, with a complete communication blackout and a curfew-like situation.


She informed that UNICEF assured they will investigate the matter and will provide clarification to the concerned members of the public.

Armeena Khan urged United Nations to revoke Bollywood actress, Priyanka Chopra’s status as the organization’s Goodwill ambassador. Chopra came under fire on social media when she snubbed a Pakistani girl who called the actress out on her hypocrisy.

Armeena Khan’s Open Letter to UNICEF

Armeena Khan not only protested on social media but also wrote an open letter to UNICEF’s Executive Director, Henrietta H Fore to repeal Priyanka Chopra from her status as a Global Peace Ambassador.

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Armeena Khan questioned whether UNICEF would wish to continue their partnership with Priyanka Chopra despite her repeated confessions of supporting the war. Khan wrote that the Pakistani girl’s legitimate question was discarded as ‘venting’.


“With this in mind and the repeated stance of Mrs. Chopra-Jonas, we are sure that we echo the thoughts of many people in asking whether UNICEF endorses Mrs. Chopra-Jonas’ stance on patriotism? Do you think it is acceptable for you to work with partisan partners who support the war? May we invite UNICEF to distance itself from ambassadorships that are in-congruent with your organizational values and culture,” Armeena wrote in her letter.

“Mrs. Chopra-Jonas will be tarnished by her stance going forward, as will those associating themselves with her. Ultimately it is your responsibility, as Executive Director to act promptly in safeguarding the reputation of UNICEF,” added Armeena.

Also mentioning that “This was about power, reflecting exactly the response that the Kashmiri people meet from the Indian State. It is clear Mrs. Chopra-Jonas deprecates peace in favor of her patriotism at any cost, including human rights, children, war, or UNICEF’s values.”

You are a United Nations Goodwill ambassador for peace and you are encouraging nuclear war in Pakistan.

People of Pakistan would distance themselves from the UNICEF if the organization failed to comply by the demands of removing the actress from her status of a peace ambassador.

Armeena Khan has been grilling Priyanka Chopra for ‘warmongering’ over the recent escalation between India and Pakistan.

Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra was attending a cosmetic event ‘BeautyCon’, when a Pakistani fan named Ayesha Malik cited her tweet, released on February 26th, appreciating the Indian Air Force for their intrusion in Pakistan, called out Priyanka Chopra for supporting aggression and nuclear war. Chopra’s appreciation of IAF’s strike in Pakistan was tantamount to fueling war between two nuclear states, India and Pakistan.

The conversation between the two women was caught on camera and released on social media, which unfolded into a global controversy.

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“You are a United Nations Goodwill ambassador for peace and you are encouraging nuclear war in Pakistan. There is no way you are in this… As a Pakistani, millions of people, like me, have supported you in your business,” Malik stated at the event.