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Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Armeena Khan traveling to Syria to help the Syrian children

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Pakistani actress Armeena Khan has announced that she will be traveling to Syria to distribute donations and Zakat to the refugees in the month of Ramadan. She has requested people to donate generously to her charity fund. She made the announcement on her social media account of Instagram.



Armeena Khan, a while back, posted a picture of a Syrian kid who ‘surrendered to a camera.’ “This broke my heart. I have been following this conflict for years and I finally, have had enough. It is time to do something. It is time to do what is in my hands,” she wrote in the caption.

“I have decided to go out there myself to hand deliver donations, zakat to the war-torn refugees and children of Syria. This is the holy month of Ramazan so start it off with a good deed,” Armeena informed.

‘Please donate generously as everything will be hand delivered by myself and the team. The link is in the bio. I hope that you will do your bit in giving these poor children some hope in their lives. Thank you so much, please spread this as much as possible’ she added.

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Armeena Khan has always been vocal about her support for the refugees and has collected donations in the past as well. Earlier she collaborated with ‘Human Relief Foundation’ to collect the donations. Later she shared a video on Instagram that showed the foundation putting the donations to good use.

The seven-year war in Syria has killed over 300,000 people, leaving millions of people homeless. Many of the refugees have fled to adjoining areas of Jordan and Turkey, while millions have managed to acquire shelter in the European countries. Most importantly, millions are still suffering in Syria. Countries continue to bomb Syria, killing thousands of innocent people. The refugees are in dire need of humanitarian help. Armeena’s initiative might evoke other celebrities to follow suit.