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Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Arshad Nadeem reaches final making Pakistan proud

Hopes for victory in Tokyo Olympics are still alive for Pakistan as Arshad Nadeem reaches the final for men's javelin throw. The nation rejoices as the news becomes a top trend on Twitter.

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Arshad Nadeem has marked his place into the final round of the Men’s Javelin Throw in Tokyo Olympics 2021.

The qualification mark was set at 83.50m. Nadeem had a poor start as his first throw traveled a distance of 78.50m. However, his comeback was strong as he registered his second throw at 85.15m that took him straight to the finals.

This is the first time ever in the history of the Olympics dating back to 1948, that a Pakistani will be taking part in a track and field event.

The qualification round ended for both Group A and Group B with Arshad Nadeem being one of the six javelin throwers who enjoyed automatic qualification into the final. Neeraj Chopra from India, Germany’s Johannes Vetter and Julian Weber, Finland’s Lassi Etelatalo, Czech Republic’s Jakub Vadlejch are the other five throwers who earned automatic qualification into the final.

India’s Neeraj Chopra and Arshad Nadeem have clashed against one another in the past as well. Arshad Nadeem had recorded the seventh-best throw of 2021 a few months earlier with his javelin reaching a distance of 86.38m at an athletics event in Iran. The throw was marginally shot from Neeraj’s personal best at 88.07m.

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Similarly, at the 2018 Asian Games, Neeraj won a gold medal with a throw of 88.06m and Arshad took the bronze medal home with a throw of 80.75m. Heartwarming pictures of sportsmanship took over the internet from the match when the two received their respective medals and shook hands. Arshad has also named Neeraj to be one of his inspirations for the sport.

Arshad and Neeraj also met at the 2016 South Asian Games hosted in India. Neeraj secured first place and won a gold medal for his throw of 82.23m and Arshad clenched the bronze medal once again with a throw of 78.33m.

Arshad was able to emerge as a champion in the 2019 Asian Games, where his throw of 86.29m not only earned him the gold medal but also paved his path for automatic qualification into the Tokyo Olympics.


People are not only excited to see Arshad in the finals, but to also see him perform against his rival Neeraj Chopra.

Arshad has already made history by being the first Pakistani to qualify for the final in a track and field event. Similarly, for Neeraj, this is the first time an Indian has topped qualification at any athletics event at the Olympics.

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Prayers, love and warm wishes for the finals have been pouring in for Arshad Nadeem ever since the match results came in. #ArshadNadeem, #Javelinthrow and Neeraj Chopra have all been trending on Twitter.

Both nations have equally congratulated their athletes and hoped to see a good match in the final on 7th August.

Arshad Nadeem has also released a video with his coach, in which both thanked the nation for their prayers and well wishes and also requested the people to keep praying for Arshad’s victory in the final. Speaking on the qualification, Arshad expressed his wish to raise his national flag high in front of the world.