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Thursday, May 23, 2024

As Donald Trump’s rating go down, Melania’s go up!

Majority of Americans it seems or 53 percent of them, disapprove of the way the President is handling his job.

By comparison the favorability ratings of Melania Trump, the first lady of US, increased by 16 points since the inauguration of US President Donald J. Trump.

CNN/ORC released results of a poll on Wednesday that showed a popularity rating rise of 36% from pre-inauguration. According to CNN report 52% of Americans have a favorable opinion of the first lady Melania Trump.

Much of this is due to as CNN reports the fact that Americans had no view on her before Trump was elected. So in February 2016, the former model’s favorable rating was 24 percent, her unfavorable rating was 31 percent and 23 percent of people had still never heard of her. By March, just 3 percent said they didn’t know who she was but her unfavorable rating has held steady at 32 percent.

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So her rating has gone up because people just know about her now. Pre-inauguration, 23 percent had no opinion about the first lady, compared with 12 percent now.

The results also fall along party lines with 86 percent of Republicans viewing the first lady favorably, while just 22 percent of Democrats saying the same. That margin is a lot wider for Melania Trump than it was for Michelle Obama, who in April 2009 had a favorable rating of 93 percent among Democrats and 50 percent among Republicans.

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When Hillary Clinton was the first lady in 1994, 34 percent of Republicans viewed her favorably, compared with 85 percent of Democrats, numbers more comparable to Trump’s. However, this is also a reflection of the increased polarization that has occurred in the United States with Donald Trump’s election and the fallout from some of the policies adopted by his administration in the immediate aftermath of them taking over.

Another interesting note on Melania Trump’s new poll numbers: men have a more favorable view of her than women. Fifty-eight percent of men view her positively, and 46 percent of women. Michelle Obama’s numbers in that category were dramatically opposite with 78 percent women and 68 percent of men. Laura Bush was split fairly evenly between the two, 56 percent women, 55 percent men.