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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Atlantic Council Terminates Relationship with Fraudulent Donor Gaurav Srivastava

The Atlantic Council terminates its ties with donor Gaurav Srivastava due to fraudulent activities, including impersonating a CIA operative, leading to scrutiny over his foundation's legitimacy and attempts to suppress negative coverage, underscoring the impact of his deceitful practices.

The Atlantic Council terminated its association with Gaurav Srivastava, a significant donor, following revelations of his involvement in various fraudulent activities. The decision came after the think-tank couldn’t verify crucial background details during its donor screening process. Srivastava and his wife, along with their purported charitable organization, The Gaurav & Sharon Srivastava Family Foundation, had contributed at least $1 million to the Atlantic Council for its Global Food Security Forum in Bali in November 2022.

The termination was prompted by new information uncovered during the donor review process. For instance, it was discovered that the foundation claimed by Srivastava was not a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, contrary to his representations. Srivastava’s lawyer attempted to distance him from the termination, citing disagreements over a subsequent project and the return of $500,000 in advance funds.

The Atlantic Council faced scrutiny after it was revealed that Srivastava, one of its major donors, was implicated in significant fraudulent schemes, including impersonating a CIA operative to deceive international businessmen. Srivastava allegedly utilized his supposed CIA connections to perpetrate scams, such as promising to assist individuals in exchange for control over their assets.

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The legitimacy of the Gaurav & Sharon Srivastava Foundation, purportedly a non-profit NGO, was called into question, particularly regarding its establishment date and operational practices. Despite claims of being established in 2015, the foundation’s registration in Delaware occurred in October 2022, raising doubts about its credibility. Additionally, it failed to comply with regulatory requirements for charitable organizations and engaged in attempts to suppress negative coverage through false copyright claims.

The intricate fraud orchestrated by Srivastava has attracted significant media attention, further highlighting his history of deceitful practices.

Following the exposure of Srivastava’s fraudulent activities, efforts were made to manipulate online platforms to suppress information about his misdeeds. Srivastava reportedly lodged false claims with Google and Tumblr to have critical articles removed. Tumblr confirmed the removal of accounts and posts that were abused by Srivastava, who exploited the platform’s features to create misleading posts.

These actions were taken in an attempt to manipulate search engine results and obscure the Project Brazen exposé, which detailed Srivastava’s fraudulent behavior. The increasing media interest in Srivastava’s fraudulent history underscores the significance of the revelations and the impact of his deceptive practices on multiple fronts.

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