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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Aurat March placards attract criticism

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‘Aurat March’ a rally voicing support for women’s liberation was held across the country to commemorate the International Women’s Day yesterday on March 8th, 2019.

Hundreds of enthusiastic women participants in the rally marched with interesting placards displaying various messages that manifested their concerns and aspiration being a member of the society.

By openly displaying their aspirations these women dared to take a step ahead in creating the environment that is traditionally, culturally and morally less binding upon them and releasing them from the repressive norms.

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Where the rally attracted scores of women from various walks of life to join the platform it also garnered massive criticism on social media for displaying some of the offensive messages.

The critics accused the Aurat March missed the direction and failed to raise grave issues commonly faced by women that include education of women, career building, equal pay, a safer environment free from sexual molestation and harassment.

They said participants of the rally largely held placards that expressed scorn towards the opposite gender and undermined the cultural values of the society.

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Giving references from Islam, several netizens disapproved the ‘Aurat March’ and pointed out that the marchers largely sought for emancipation in dress code and chanted slogans that were derogatory towards men.

Surprisingly, amongst the critics were a large number of women that rejected this brand of feminism and instead argued that the emancipation of women is vital for the development but that should not be at the expense of slamming and abusing the opposite gender-male. They also disapproved the kind of liberation that is radical, non-conformist and falls shorts of basic civil manners.



Similarly, several male users also objected to the raised slogans and presented counter arguments stating that supportive male also exists in the society and that they must be appreciated.